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How to treat a large cyst on a kittens eye?

Posted by ur2juv413

This is a feral kitten, one of a litter I found living under an abandon trailer house, they are about 2 mo. old. The whole litter had upper resp. infection. Many of them had both eyes matted shut. I rescue animals and have seen this many times, so was able to get an antibiotic and eye gel to take care of it. However this one kitten's right eye continued to get worse while the left eye is fine. At one point I feared the eyeball was going to pop out. I switched to penicillin G gel to put in the eye and started giving injections of penicillion 1 1/2cc per day. it started looking better and I thought the swelling was going down. Then I missed 2 days in a row of treatment, I could not catch that kitten. On the third day I caught him and it seemed much larger. Now I have been treating them for 2 weeks, and all are well but this eye problem. So when I last cought him 2 days ago I brought that one home to try to do something for him. After I put him in the carrier he started rubbing on the towel and the blackish coating, which I thought was a scab or maybe the dead eyelid came off, to reveal a bright, deep pink bulging thing. So now in looks like it might be a cyst. Of course the best thing to do is to take him to a vet. But I would have already done that a week ago if there was any possible way I could. The story is too long to include here, but I seem to be this baby's only hope. I just need advice from a Vet, Dr, Tech or someone that has had a similar experience. If you can give me constructive advice or you would like to do better for this kitten than I can, Please let me know. Thanks for any help anyone may be able to give. Jeanne.
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I applaud your efforts at trying to take care of a bunch of feral kittens.  It's not easy taking care of a litter of normal, household kittens that are sick, let alone several feral kittens that don't want to be caught or handled.

What I will suggest in this situation depends a lot on your answers to a few questions.  Are you able to actually visualize the eyeball?  If you are, can you see a distinct pupil and the iris (colored portion)?  Are both the upper and lower eyelids freely movable?  Does the "bright, deep pink bulging thing" seem to be a part of the eyelid or of the eyeball?

Depending on your answers, you might be able to make some progress on this problem right there at home.  Send back your answers and we'll try to give you some guidance.

Helpful Buckeye

Thanks so much for your interest. To answer the questions, No the protrusion goes over the whole eye socket and sticks out about 1/4 inch. At one point I could see in a crease on the side where I saw a quarter by half inch piece of solid green muscus. I could not wash it out with a stream of water, and it was too deep to reach. The next day it was gone. Don't know if the penicillin desolved it or it went deeper. I have not seem the eyeball itself. When I missed the 2 days of catching him the protrusion got larger. The menbrane, or what ever it is, looked like it was stretched thin and about to pop. But after I treated him 1 day it looked better And had gone down some. Now that I have him at home I treat him twice a day by cleaning the area with a stream of saline solution, then applying the penicillin gel. I stopped the injections 3days ago , on the advice of my nurse friend. That seemed right to me because I was concerned about too much penicillin. What do you think? The kitten is now playing and eating normally. He does not seem to be in any pain, even when I clean around the eye or during treatment. I am not real good with posting things but can try to send pics with some instructions.  Also sorry for the delay in answering, I lost the website. I put it on my Favorites but could not find it. Only ran across my own question while trying a search on google. Thanks again for your help. Jeanne,


Thanks for your response, although I'm still not certain what you're describing.  The main question here is whether or not there is an eyeball remaining.  It could be that the kitten has suffered a punctured/ruptured eyeball and the remaining tissue has closed over in a lump of scar tissue.  Or, there could be a functioning eyeball underneath the stuff you are describing.  Your main goal right now should be to continue keeping the whole eye area as clean as possible--which it sounds like you are doing.  If the kitten continues to eat and play, perhaps the worst that will happen is that he will only have one eye.

Helpful Buckeye

Hi Buckeye;  I was able to get kitten to a Vet to get his opinion and an estimate of cost.He said it was a viral infection that went into the eyeball,  and it needed to be removed, estimated cost $400.00.  So the pink bulging thing is at least part of his eyeball. I'm going to appeal to some online rescues for help, and look into homeopathy and natural cures because I really hate for the kitten to lose his eye if there is any way to save it. Do you have any advice with this info?  It seems the med. is keeping the infection in control somewhat, because when he missed getting them the eye got larger and looked like it was stretched very thin in one spot on top. It looked like it might balloon out or burst at that spot. Now it is somewhat smaller and seems to be more solid. Anyway vet told me  he needed oral antibiotics which I will pick up tomorrow and try.  If you have any thoughts at all I would appreciate hearing them.  A second opinion is always a good thing. It either makes you feel better about the first opinion or brings up some questions that need to be answered. Thanks for your time, I wish you all the best. Jeanne
actually I do rescue also and had the same problem with one kitten same thing except both eyes. I brought it in and started cleaning it with peroxide - it does not harm the eye and it cleans it out - I also gave it oral amox. and then got some powder at the farm supply store (it is a yellow powder) you put the powder right in the eye - after about a week the eye balls started getting normal size and the thing that I thought was tumors fell off and his eyes are normal size now but he did lose sight in one......his eyes however did not need removing..
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