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How to Prevent Arthritis in Dogs

Posted Jul 05 2012 10:01pm

Your dog can also get arthritis when he gets older. However, your pet won’t be able to tell you that he has arthritis. Most dog owners don’t even realize that their pets have arthritis and wonder why their dogs look like they’re in pain and unhappy.The best way to cure in dogs is to prevent it from happening in the first place.

Preventing arthritis and monitoring dog health will help you avoid the high cost of medications and surgeries involved in treating your dog’s arthritis.

Weight Management

Weight management is the first step in preventing arthritis in dogs. An overweight dog is more prone to developing arthritis. You can ask your veterinarian for the recommended weight for the breed of your dog. If your pet is overweight, you can help your pet lose weight by reducing the amount of food and treats that you feed him and by making sure that he gets plenty of exercise every day.


Exercise is also an important step in preventing dog arthritis. Have your dog perform exercises that promote muscle building and a good range of motion. Some of the best exercises for your pet are slow jogging, walking on treadmills and swimming. Minimize jumping exercises such as playing Frisbee because these exercises are very hard on your dog’s joints and may cause him to develop joint pain. Make sure that your dog gets plenty of exercise daily.

Physical Therapy and Massage

Physical therapy and massage are good for preventing arthritis in dogs and they also help relieve the joint pain. Your veterinarian or other veterinary staff can teach you how to perform some massages and physical therapy on your dog. Physical therapy and massage help relax your dog’s stiff muscles and help promote a good range of motion for your dog’s joints. If your pet already has arthritis, then his joints are already painful so you should start your massage slowly in order to build trust. Begin by petting the affected area and then slowly start kneading the muscles around his joints using your fingertips.

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