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How to Keep Your Pet Calm After Surgery

Posted Jan 08 2010 9:59am
By pet-admin, January 9, 2010 12:59 am

It can be difficult trying to keep your pet from wanting to do its normal routine after surgery. Here are a few techniques to keep your pet quiet while it heals.

1. Limit its activity by kenneling. Use a harness with a leash dragging behind so you can step on it and not chase your canine. Hold your pooch when possible.
2. Give your pet a food puzzle instead of feeding it from its dish. This activity will take time for your dog to eat and keep it distracted.
3. Putting peanut butter on the roof of their mouth helps distract them when they want to chase and bark.
4. Play TALK radio so your pet can’t hear other sounds that make it want to go check it out.
5. Music like Mozart is proven to help calm and heal.
6. Smells like lavender calm, use a scented candle or oil of lavender.

Whenever the body needs to heal, it is best to feed it what it needs to repair itself. A raw organic diet is best. There are many available. I use Prairie Nature’s Variety. It is available at Chuck and Don’s Pet Food Outlet or visit Natures Variety’s website for retailers.

Kefir is 150 times stronger than yogurt and helps to rebuild the natural flora. Antibiotics kill both the good and bad bacteria in the body. If your pooch was given antibiotics after surgery you need to build the good bacteria back if you want a healthy dog. You can find Kefir in the refrigerated section of health food stores.

Good clean water helps cleanse the body. Use water that is free of chemicals, toxins and bacteria. For drinking water I use reverse osmosis or distilled water. Vitamins are especially important to add if your dog’s immune system is weak. Canine Plus has 6 digestive enzymes which aid greatly in getting your dog’s health back. Another great enzyme product is Wobenzym.

Whenever figuring a dose from olive leaf extract capsules, milk thistle capsules or garlic divide the dose for the correct amount for your dog. It is figured for a 150 # person. If your dog weighs 10 #, the formula would be 150/10 = 15 doses. Divide accordingly.

• Olive leaf extract gets rid of internal parasites.
• Milk thistle aids the liver to function better and helps your dog to live longer.
• Vitamin C aids the immune system. Yes, dogs do manufacture their own vitamin C but when ill it can be helpful to boost the cells to fight the enemy (illness).
• Cranberry concentrate capsules can relief a bladder infection in 24 hours.
• Hyaluronic acid builds the cushion between the joints and can aid greatly in arthritis or other joint injuries.
• Flaxseed or fish oil can help with nerves, scratching and will improve coat (1 teaspoon/10# dog).
• Garlic is a wonder herb… repels pests, kills parasites, and aids the body in healing.
• (a dog would have to eat 50 bulbs… not cloves – individual pieces of the bulb for garlic to be harmful to your pet… Don’t believe the lies on the internet)

Do not assume all herbs and vitamins are safe for your pet. Green Tea and grapeseed are just a couple that can cause problems for your canine.

Minnesota breeder of bichons, shih tzus and poodles (toy, tiny and teacup). Use the grate/crate methods of kenneling instead of the traditional kenneling. See video on website… Teach the alpha method of dog training and how to keep your pet healthy as naturally as possible. Author of Ardy’s Professional Tips for Lapdogs.

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