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how to help a stay kitten with bad eye infection, without a vet appointment ?

Posted by Chantell Facebook

there is a stray kitten and its mother that are living in my garage and the kitten is friendly enough to interact with, but the kitten does have a very bad eye infection. it is swollen and the colored part around the eye isn't visible due to the swelling around the eye, but the pupil is and its in bad shape. The pupil is white and sticking out, i feel so bad for the little one, its only a few weeks old and i was wondering if there was anything i could do at home to help (dont have money for a vet visit). the kittens other eye is okay mostly but i notice that in the morning it is stuck closed and there is puss sometimes, but when it is open it looks blue and healthy. i have been trying to clean around the eye with warm water and a paper towel but i don't think it is helping much if theres anything i can do please let me know, i have done a little research and some one said that neosporin used lightly on the "better" eye can help but i dont want to do anything that can make things worse. please let me know whats wrong and how i can help from home if i can thanks        
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