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how to cure sore eyes on a kitten

Posted by dans4life

the cat has really sore,puffy, swollen shut eyes. I have washed them out with warm water, and warm salt water, but that hasn't helped. So what else can i do?
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The right way to treat swollen eyes is first to determine the cause of the swelling because otherwise you risk making the problem worse. For example, if your cat has an infection caused by a micro-organism other than a bacteria, using an antibiotic eye ointment is a no-no, as is using an ointment with a steroid/cortisone if there's any damage to the cornea. If gently rinsing the eyes and then applying warm compresses several times daily does result in a decrease in swelling within 24 hours, your pet really ought to be seen by someone who can determine the cause of the problem and the correct treatment for it.
will neosporin help sore eyes on a kitten
It depends on the cause. If it's caused by a bacteria, it will if the bacteria is susceptable to neosporin. If not, it could make it worse.
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