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How I came to be ROCKING ON RAW in the FREE WORLD!

Posted Dec 03 2010 7:00pm

This week I have a special new friend to share with you. His name is Freeway and he is zooming down the natural health highway, RAWkin’ away, WOOF! I had to really bark at Mom to type this out for me today so I didn’t miss out on the entire week of blogging. She’s way behind bepaws her NEW laptop crashed and burned yesterday and the bad news is, it is the first time she didn’t purchase an extended warranty (so she has to WAIT for it to be repaired instead of getting a brand new exchange). So we’re back on the slow but sure older one…hey that’s sort of like natural health – slow but sure, WOOF! Anyway Freeway has his own story to share that is similar to mine. He has his own magazine too – well his human does but he writes for it. It’s called the Pet Connection and is distributed out of British Columbia, Canada. The December/January 2010 issue is out on stands NOW – subscriptions are available! It has my Mom’s article, Take Back Control of Your Pets Health in it. Freeway also has his Top Ten Christmas Property Laws in it too, WOOF! So check it out. And now here is Freeway to share his natural health journey….

How I came to be ROCKING ON RAW in the FREE WORLD!
By Freeway Kennedy – 13 years old, 7 years on raw.

My life has been one adventure after another. I’ve done it all.

I’ve traveled throughout Canada and the States and I’ve vacationed at the Fabulous Dog Shangri-La on Cortes Island. (my favorite place). I’ve swam in the ocean, swam at private pool parties and I won the door prize at CG Brown’s Charity Pool party years ago. I’ve had obedience training, I’ve had the best grooming, the best toys, I’ve done agility,
I’ve hunted, I’ve chased rabbits, and like I say I’ve done it all. PLUS BONUS – I’ve got lots of friends AND I can hear the fridge open when I’m fast asleep.

I’m multi-talented and everyone that meets me loves me! My neighbors are sometimes annoyed because I’m also an excellent security guard, and I’m very protective of my family. I live with my mom and my brother Baby Jazz in downtown Vancouver BC, Canada, and we have a very good good life!

Every year my mom took me to the vet for my checkups. Little did she know that she was killing me with her kindness.
She listened to people that didn’t have my best interests at heart. They just wanted our money. I remember going to the regular vet and I remember her questioning whether I really needed a yearly vaccination. “He is just a little lap dog and he doesn’t really get out much” she would question the supposedly highly educated vet. “Are you sure he needs all these vaccinations year after year?” We always got the same type of response “You don’t want him to get sick do you?” Of course not she thought as we trusted these people who surely must know more than us. We have no medical credentials. These people have studied health care on animals for years – How can we question them? They looked at my mom like she was crazy, and with a look of “How Dare You” question me type of attitude. So we just continued on with our good life.

My mom didn’t know much about pet food. I was her very first dog, and she was sucked in by slick marketing campaigns, that again didn’t have my best interests at heart. I was put in her life to teach her many many things and OMG she has learnt so much all because of MOI!

When I was 5 years old, I got a massive tummy. It took the conventional vets 2 years and countless dollars to determine and confirm that I had Cushings Disease. By this time my poor mom was so wrapped up in guilt for making me sick she became a quick quick study and spent every free waking moment researching what to do about me – her little boy.

First thing she did was to stop any further vaccinations and to put me on species appropriate food – which is raw meat and raw bones . Oh at first it was so gross, but I’ve learned to LOVE it, and it feels good and right now because I know it is helping extend my life for I can continue on with the FUN and the Adventures and spend more time with my loved ones. We also have a Homeopath who is helping me keep my Cushings Disease in check naturally – without drugs. I’ve been living now with Cushings Disease for 7 years now and know that I am one of the lucky ones. We met many other K9′s on our Journey who were also diagnosed with Cushings and they went the Conventional way and for the most part they are all in Doggie Heaven. I know I will go there soon, but in the meantime I’m just enjoying it as it comes and am happy to be on your Blog.

Love, Freeway

Thanks for sharing your journey Freeway! I have similar challenges too including heart problems along with the diabetes, but no drugs just like you! Using an all natural protocol too, WOOF! I hope everyone picks up a copy of Freeway and his Mom Leslie’s magazine, Pet Connection .

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATURALLY healthy day, WOOF!

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