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how do you treat calicivirus infection in cats?

Posted by kajir

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Often cats have a combination of upper respiratory viruses instead of just one, but the treatment for all of them is symptomatic and supportive. Keeping the animal eating and properly hydrated is crucial and the use of broad-spectrum antibiotics for any secondary bacterial infections is also warranted. If the cat has cat has conjunctivitis, an eye ointment is also recommeded.
Thank you Myrna!  There's no anti-viral then, that might make the viruses dormant?  These cats have been symptomatic for a year (the entire time I've had them).
Not any used routinely that I'm aware of, but that doesn't mean they're aren't any. My forte is bond and behavioral problems and, although I try to keep up with the vet medical literature, too, there's a lot I don't know. But speaking of more sophisticated approaches, has the calicivirus been positively identified as the cause? Also, have you considered looking at it from the side of descreasing any physical or mental stresses that might undermine their immunity? One of the primary stress hormones is cortisol and it can do a number on the immune response.
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