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How do I treat my dog's sebaceous cyst on her nose - it's open and oozing?

Posted by MaryAnn Poole

My dog has cysts all over her body and I have had them removed during the years with no problem.  Now she has them on her nose and they are open and oozing - I have talked to my vet and NCSU Veterinary School and they say that removing them from that area would be very risky because the skin is so thin.  If I could find a treatment that would keep them from being so ugly, I'd be very thankful
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Myrna, Hi,

Our dog, A Soft coated wheaten terrier had a sebatcious cyst removed from his back near his tail about a year ago, he now has one in the middle top of his back. (vet diagnosed) We've been trying to "treat it" at home this time rather than have him operated on again. I've been putting a little Caster Oil on it between cleanings. It just "popped" and discharged a good amount of redish ooze. I cleaned it and put Neosporan on it. Is this a good or bad sign? Is it possible this could go away on it's own or will it always come back? Thanks!


Assuming these growths have been definitiviely identified as sebacious cysts and not something else, accepting that these are going to open and drain and gently removing any of the drainage as it appears is the best way to go . Much as I can understand your desire to have them heal as soon as possible, squeezing them to hasten the process can trigger an inflammatory process that makes them worse instead of better.
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