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how do i treat a bite from a dog to a horse?

Posted by cajun1781

a pit bull bit my horse below the jugular vein  it went straight through the muscle you can kind of see the tendon. my husband did hydrotherapy to it. so what else could we do we dont have the money from a vet right now also our vet it closed. i work at the hospital in the lab my supervisor gave me what we have that is strong enough for a horse. but i dont know if that will be good enough.
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The big issue with bites from any kind of animal of any breed is whether they require suturing. Because there are multiple factors that come into play that influence that choice, I'd recommend keeping the wound gently but thoroughly clean and lightly covered to keep flies away from it until your veterinarian can see it. If that's not possible, then I'd treat the wound the same way and call your vet, explain that you don't have the money and either see if you can arrange time payments or see what that person recommends based on his/her knowledge of your horse and environment.

It goes without saying that gloves should be worn when examining and treating any animal bite until the rabies status of the biter is ascertained.

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