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How do I ready my male dog for mating?

Posted by Sleighor's Mom

I have an 8 year old siberian husky who lives indoors. We located a female siberian 14 months old who has had the first heat.  For 6 days now, they have not connected. My 8 yr old does not seem interested in her at all. He has a calm disposition where she is super-hyper! How can I get these two together?
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I wouldn't try to force them. It sounds like either he's not interested in mating at all or that she's communicating something to him that turns him off. In the former case, sometimes males who come from mostly female litters or developed between females have hormonal shifts in the female direction. Although these animals can make wonderful pets--because they're not easily aroused--they'renot easily aroused by females either.

If it's her first heat, her hormone levels might not be stabilized yet. Or, if it's only been 6 days since she started spotting, he might sense that she's not receptive yet and doesn't want to waste his time and energy, particularly given her hyper behavior. That's not the typical response--usually the males are very interested from the get-go and it's the female who isn't--but it's possible.

If you're determined to breed these two given their problems, I'd suggest using artificial insemmination.

Thanks, I really appreciate your response. I'll give them another day or two, and maybe we'll have to wait until her next heat.  One good thing about it though..they get along really well, so a return visit from her is not out of the question.

Oh, yesterday I went outside to check on them, and they were sun bathing side-by-side in the grass, they were truly a peaceful sight :-)  

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