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how do i know the proper dosage of benadryl for a 100+lb 17 year old golden? i am afraid of this possibly killing the only true

Posted by spankerdoodle

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Here is a fact sheet regarding the use of Benadryl in dogs.
There is a dosage chart at the end of the instructions.
God Bless!

Benadryl for Dogs or Cats

Benadryl is a brand name for an anti-histamine (diphenhydramine).  Although it is considered fairly safe for use in dogs and cats,  please be aware that it does have potential adverse side effects.  It may interact with other meds that your pet is taking, so do not use it without first consulting your veterinarian. You should also use extreme caution using Benadryl in dogs that have glaucoma, prostatic disease, cardiovascular disease or hyperthyroidism.  

Benadryl is quite effective when used in proper dosages.  
Stops itching
Controls vomiting
Good for motion sickness
Can be used as a mild tranquilizer
Good for snake bites
Useful for vaccination reactions
Good for bee stings and insect bites

Be sure to use only the plain Benadryl formula. Giving benadryl with other combination of meds could be fatal, so be sure to read the box.

Liquid Benadryl is too high in alcohol content to be safely used for animals.  Please use capsule or pill form.  

Dosage every 8 hours
Dogs under 30 lbs and Cats :  10 mg
Dogs 30-50 lbs:  25 mg
Dogs over 50 lbs: 50 mg

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