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how do i know if my dog has a sprain or something else?

Posted by katygurl01

We took both of our dogs for a walk along the local greenbelt where we live and it's a fairly long walk and one of the dogs was running a lot but when we got done with the walk he was limping a lot. This isn't the first time this has happened but i don't know how to tell if it's sprained or something else and if it's just a bad sprain what do we do to take care of it? We've been icing it and wrapping it to see if it will help. 
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If this has happened before, I'd be concerned about joint problems rather than soft tissue ones.   If it's a rear leg, I'd be concerned about knee or hip problems, which are fairly common and more so in animals who have been spayed or neutered before they reached adulthood, and certain breeds are also prone to elbow problems.

Usually if there's a problem in the foot, you'll see swelling and the dog will be uncomfortable if you manipulate that area.

Re: any wrapping in the foot area, be sure it covers the whole foot and doesn't just go around it because that can act more like a tournequet and make things worse.

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