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how do i cope with losing my pom to kidney failure? hes going so quickly..

Posted by bianca77

My baby Niko has been diagnosed with kidney failure. The vets took some blood about 5 days ago and the results came back and they were devastating. I couldnt believe what I was hearing.. my baby was going to die from this. I felt sick, how could I let him go? I still dont know how Im going to do it, hes been getting so much worse every day is worse. Today his breath is starting to go horribe;y bad, another fatal sign. I feel helpless, I try to home cook him meals ( I found so many recipies for dogs suffering from this online) he ate the first few days .. as of this morning he dosent want the food. The only thing he would eat tonight was some turkey meat. I feel like my heart is being taken away from me. I have had him since he was 8 weeks old and he is now 12. A friend tells me" well hes 12 and he has had a good long life" it isnt long enough. I dont know how to let him go. As of right now he hasnt started the vomiting, that comes next. I cant let him suffer but I feel like a part of me is dying with him. My heart breaks, and tears fill my eyes as i type this. I somehow feel some kind of comfort reading other peoples stories, knowing others are going through this. I pray that he goes peacefully, I want to hold him in my arms and tell him I love him. I hope to god he knows how much I love him and how dearly he will be missed, but also that if he cant be here with me anymore that it is ok to go.

anyone have any kind of advice on how I can get through this I would greatly appriciate it

thank you

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As with all loving relationships, the impending loss of a beloved pet presents us with many challenges. We need to be strong when we would prefer to be weak; we need to communicate peace and confidence to the animal when we feel like we can't cope; we need to serve as a reliable source of comfort when we want to be comforted ourselves. In short, in our role as quality pet parents, we need to offer our animals all those things--strength, peace, confidence, and comfort--that we may have come to rely on them for for years.  We must accept and embrace that at least for now, it's all about making this passage as easy for them as possible. Your willingness to tell Niko that it's OK to go tells me I'm probably telling you things you already know. And that  tells me that he is truly blessed.

For now, think about what you consider quality of life indicators for him such as eating, interest in his surroundings, or certain people to help you make the always painful but sometimes more humane choice for euthanasia if necessary. Beyond that,  try to let go of the fear, concentrate on the love, take one day at time, and do your best.

For a more in depth discussion of this, I wrote a book called The Veterinarian's Guide to Pet Loss: Preventing the preventable, preparing for the inevitable, and grieving without regret ( )  available in hardback and Kindle editions that you may find helpful in the days ahead.


 I wish you and Niko the very best. It sound as though whatever happens, you'll both have a lot of good memories to see you through it.




thank you so much for your response. Last night was tough for all of us. I had Niko up on the bed and he had a really bad time trying to sleep. He kept waking up thirsty. I gave him water and pet his head until I fell asleep with him. this morning he refuses to eat but drank a huge amount of water. I think that I have to let him go, this is the hardest thing Ive ever had to do. Im just waiting for a call from the vet to tell me how his levels are, even though im sure I already know what I will hear. I hope that a miracle will happen, but I am prepared to do whats best for Niko.  I pray that I can be strong for him like you said.

I'm sure  you will be. You may break down afterward (at least I always did!), but you care too much for him not to be strong for him when he needs you.

Will be thinking good thoughts for both of you.


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