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How can I make my puppy's loose stool clean up easier?

Posted by victoria barboza

My 4 month old german shepherd has had loose stool every since we brought him home 2 months ago. He does not seem sick. Actually he has high energy and eats a lot and drinks a lot of water. I have tried everything from rice and chicken diet and different types of food. I currently use Nutro max for large breed puppies which seems to have helped a little bit. It is still loose and hard to clean up especially because he defecates often and in large quantities. I have grown tired of cleaning up after him because I have tried everything; I have sought out different vets and tried all their suggestions, though none can pinpoint an exact issue. They say he is very healthy and the the stool may be to do to stress. He has no parasites or worms of any type. Any suggestions?
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We had a similar issue with Jasmine when she was a puppy. Vets also found nothing. Just recently, by coincidence we found out that she has food allergies and IBS. The allergies were most likely inheritted from her mother. Which means she's been suffering this whole time, while frequent visits to the vet didn't discover anything.

While I cannot say it couldn't be stress, my experience, and the fact that food allergies are more and more common in dogs, I would start there.

Since you already tried all different kinds of foods (did you check whether they have common ingredients, such as the chicken - many dogs are allergic to chicken?)  my recommendation would be to do an spot allergy blood test, which might help to show if that is the source of the problem.

Elimination diet is one way to go, but takes longer and it can be trial and error deal. While not everybody believes in effectiveness of the allergy blood test, we used it and changing diet accordingly brought great results. If nothing else, it will give you some clues and can serve as a guideline.

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