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how can i get a piece of dirt or something out of my cats eye ?

Posted by weste600040

theres a small bit of eye boogers (thats what i call it) or something coming from the corner of my cats eye and i can tell its bothering him cause hes squinting and rubbing his eye i dont know if its cat pink eye or dirt in there. and i dont see blood  so i think its not a scratch
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Try moistening a clean tissue and gently use it to wipe away the crusty discharge.  Since he is squinting, you cannot be certain the eye isn't fact, when the eye is scratched, a cat will squint and/or blink pretty much constantly.  If he's squinting longer than a few hours, you should have him examined for a possible scratch on the eye or even the presence of a foreign body under the eyelids.

Helpful Buckeye

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