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Holiday Gifts for The Dog: What to Avoid

Posted Dec 09 2009 5:52am

More dog owners than not buy holiday gifts for their own dog which usually results in something that is not only useful but safe. Knowing that your dog is one of the closest things to you, friends and family tend to buy gifts for your dog as well. Though the intentions were very good from the gift giver some holiday pet gifts can be down right dangerous to your dog.

Gifts to Avoid:

  • Rawhide Chews
Talk to any vet and you’ll find out that these popular dog “treats” have caused emergency surgeries in many dogs during the holidays. Especially dogs who aren’t used to getting them get excited and ingest large pieces in hopes to get the next one.

  • Balls Smaller than a Ping Pong
A ball small enough that it could accidentally be swallowed is a bad thing. Think about it, your dog is not only excited about the ball while running with it. At the same time many dogs are breathing threw an open mouth. Make sure the balls you give your dog are not small enough that they could become lodged in the airway or ingested far enough that surgery is required to remove the ball without a fatal ending.

  • Squeaker Toys
These type of toys can be very enticing as dogs are intrigued by them. However your dog can get so intrigued that the only goal is to the squeaker out and many dogs swallow the plastic part whole. Another bad thing that may not come out with surgery or an incredibly sad ending.

  • Stuffed Toys
There are those dogs who carry around a stuffed toy as though its a baby or their favorite security blanket but without knowing the dog stuffed toys can be dangerous to your dog. Dogs who chew the stuffing out and ingest it can end up in trouble. The material is not digestible and can get lodged in the intestinal track again causing a fatal outcome should surgery not be done in time to remove the foreign substance.
  • Toys With Small Parts (Easily Chewed Off)
There are some really cute dog toys on the market, however they may not be all that safe. Small parts that can easily be chewed off are a danger to any size dog.
  • Treats Produced In China
Chicken and beef treats promoted as “all natural” and produced in China have been the cause of severe damage to the kidney often resulting in renal failure and death. There are multiple complaints of the chicken strips causing kidney failure. There is already an existing history of dangerous pet products from ingredients from China. Here’s what is happening. There are American corporations manufacturing these products in China using Chinese materials and the Chinese workforce. And they’re saving money. Not only are they endangering our pets, but we’ve seen horrible evidence of children’s toys with lead. We all blame the Chinese, but let’s remember that these are American plants with plant managers who have gone there to save money.

Good Holiday Dog Gifts

Being that the positive side of everything should always get more attention here are a few suggestions that make great holiday for dogs and their dog loving owners....

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