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Hiya everyone! Oh boy, I get a...

Posted Sep 13 2008 5:20pm

Shadrach the Neo Mastiff enjoying his sunshine

Hiya everyone! Oh boy, I get a BIG dog on my blog today, WOOF! Yep and Bowser is adopted like me -we’re tail waggin’ happy about it too bepaws our other humans were really boneheads hehe. So here is Bowser and his Mom Laurie to tell you all about him!

Bowser the Chow mix dog

Bowser showed up at my door when he was about 10 weeks old. Now he’s a 90 lb Newfy/Chow mix. As a pup he had growing pains and was on Rimadyl for a while. At age 2, due to a very swollen elbow, through x-rays and a joint fluid analysis, he was diagnosed with osteoarthritis. Because of the growing pains he did not have enough cartilage in his joints. He did the 8 shot Adequan injection series (a shot every 4 days) and immediately started on glucosamine and chondroitin and 3V Caps. He got sick when he took the Rimadyl this time so he was on Etogesic until Deramaxx came out. Until recently I had him on Nutro Large Breed Weight Management formula. He was great for 3 years and only limped if he over did his activities, which was rarely.

Bowser the chow mix

The last 2 years he has limped almost constantly, I tried switching his supplements but would not up his dose of Deramaxx because he did fine on ½ a tablet for so long and I didn’t think I needed to increase the dose and risk it being harmful to him. I did notice several months ago that his leg was swollen from the elbow to halfway to his paw. I have switched around his supplements a few times without improvement. My husband thinks he did better on Synovi G3 than the Glyco Flex III. In October I took him to an orthopedic vet who x-rayed the leg. He said Bowser has irregular bone growth which causes him to walk with his leg turned outward a little. Due to the progression of the arthritis, he said Bowser was not a candidate for surgery. The doc did say that Bowser does have adequate cartilage in his joint now. We went over his food and supplements and he said that I was giving him everything I needed to and in the correct quantities. I then sent the x-rays to a holistic vet and had a phone consultation because he’s at least 2 hours away. He did not offer anything except to have Bowser come into his office. Needless to say, my first experience with a holistic vet was very disappointing. He said there was nothing he could do.

Bowser the beautiful chow lab mix

Then Bowser seemed to be a little more stiff and groaning when he laid down so I got on the internet and started surfing. I stopped by my local health store and had a very lengthy conversation with the owner. She recommended ZEEL (a homeopathic medication) for the pain and inflammation. It worked immediately. The swelling in his leg totally went away and he went out back and dug in a groundhog hole for at least half an hour. Bowser gets one pill in the morning and one in the evening and has not had an NSAID for over a month. The owner of the health store recommended a couple of essential oils but since I was unclear of exactly what that irregular bone growth was, I called the ortho vet twice only to have someone other than the doctor return my calls and never answer my question. He told them to tell me it was a Poly-Arthritic Joint. What I’ve read on that is that it’s immune related and I don’t believe that’s the case. His other joints seem fine. There’s no heat coming from the elbow. Nothing to indicate he has arthritis problems in other joints or the spine. I showed the x-rays to my sister-in-law who is a radiologist at a hospital. Being unfamiliar with a dog’s anatomy she couldn’t tell me what was wrong but she did say that any time you have irregular bone growth, it’s calcium deposits.

So I went to the health store and purchased Wintergreen and R.C. essential oils (these are Young Living Essential Oils ONLY) to put on the elbow. I also took Bowser off his Glyco Flex III and put him on a liquid glucosamine product (Flexicose) which also contains Chondroitin, MSM and some herbs. Bowser is getting ¼ oz. per day. He also gets a multi-vitamin (Vetri Science Canine Plus Senior) which he’s only been on a couple of months. Thanks to the info on your website, I pitched the 3V Caps and got the Fish Body Oil capsules from GNC. He is also getting Sulfurzyme, Alfalfa, liquid Chlorophyll and a couple of other herb supplements by Nature’s Sunshine that are supposed to aid with dissolving calcium and improve the joint structure. They are Skeletal Strength and Joint Support. Recently, I purchased Di-Gize and Longevity. I’ve tried to disguise these oils in his food but he knows they’re there and is very hesitant to eat. He’s only had them a few times and I’ve ordered some capsules to put the oils in and will give him a drop of each on a daily basis. I have switched him to Organix dog food and he definitely likes it. I put the pills on top and put a little yogurt or cottage cheese on it and he eats it. This is much better than putting peanut butter on all those pills. I wish I’d thought of it years ago. I have 2 large dogs and it is cost prohibitive to feed them raw diets but I am trying to incorporate some raw meat and veggies into their meals once in a while. It’s hard to pick a dog food for Bowser because I’ve been trying to stay away from products that may aggravate the arthritis, such as potatoes, beef and grains. The Organix does have soy in it but the other ingredients look good from what I know and I like that it has digestive enzymes in it as well.

At first, it seemed that every couple of days Bowser is getting better. His limp was not as pronounced though I did notice he tries not to put weight on the leg when he is sitting and even while standing still. We are trying to keep him quieter on our walks as well so he won’t do any more damage while he’s healing. He wasn’t groaning any more when he laid down. The last few weeks he has been limping worse than he used to and moaning again. He has been sleeping more as well. The swelling is still gone from his leg. We have noticed he is laying with his arthritic leg in a different position so we believe he has more mobility in it. He even appears to have lost a few pounds which is necessary for his condition. If he has a bad day I do give him a Traumeel before bed. I have found a holistic vet that is in my area, though I believe their scope of alternative healing is limited from the conversation I had with the receptionist. I will be taking Bowser in for a consultation and I’m hoping the vet is very much into alternative treatments and will be very knowledgeable about what I am giving him and be able to give me some guidance after reviewing his x-rays. I also want to verify that he doesn’t have some other type of damage such as a torn ligament.

WOW, what a story! Thanks for sharing Laurie & Bowser! Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, forever home, fragrantly healthy day, WOOF! Bark ‘N’ Blog is brought to you by Aspenbloom

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