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Histiocytoma? Biopsy?

Posted by Sadie123

 My Labrador (she will be 1 yr this Sunday) has this large, "brain" looking mass on the inside of her ear.  The vet said it was a cutaneous papilloma; but it does not look like any of the papillomas I've seen on the web: it seems as they are more common in the mouth/feet area; and usually come in multitudes.  This is just a single growth-it does not appear to bother her at all; but it is rapidly growing: it has more than doubled in size over the past 10 days.  It looks rather like a histiocytoma; although from what I've read the treatment is the same and they both appear to resolve on their own.  The vet did NOT do a biopsy.  Do you think that I need to take her back to the vet to get one? My neighbor also recommended putting a rubber band around it to cut off the blood supply to speed up the progression.  Do you think that I should try removing it myself? It is getting HUGE--almost now blocking the ear canal; Photobucket" mce_src="Photobucket" alt="ear" border="" hspace="" vspace="" width="" height="" align="absmiddle">
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In spite of the fact that they're fairly common, histiocytomas aren't that easy to diagnose with a biopsy and may be confused with other kinds of growths. Usually histiocytomas grow rapidly and then disappear in 2-3 months although they're often removed surgically. However,  the location of this one makes both leaving it and removing it potentially problematic.  Sorry I can't give you any concrete answers. If you're uncomfortable with what your veterinarian told you, you might consider taking your dog to another one for a second opinion.
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