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Hi, Hi- my cat has itchy skin and is excessively biting her fur on her abdomen- help please

Posted by romannose

Hi, my cat has been biting her abdomen for about a year and has lost her fur in her abdomen due to the biting. Now my cat is also biting her inner back legs and front feet. Both the chemical and cbc test were negative. My cat does not have a problem in her head and ears have wax and deart but does not look like mites. The mange test was also negative. There is nothing visible on her skin that is visible. The skin looks normal. The temperature on the skin is slightly raised from the itching. What could my cat have. I would like to help her because she seems very uncomfortable and her skin is itching. Could it still be a bacteria, yeast, worm, allergy, vitamin deficiency? I dont know what to do.

Thank you for you help


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This problem can have medical and/or behavioral causes.  Allergies and certain kinds of infections may cause cats to do this.  I recall one cat with an allergy to her litter who would lick excessively at her abdomen after she used her box. Another cat had what turned out to be a fungal infection. The dark wax in your cat's ears might also be caused by a yeast and yeast skin infections are also a possibility.Cats may also groom themselves if they're stressed.
Because of this, step one is to eliminate as many variables as possible.  Keeping notes of when,  where, what else is going on, and any human reactions to the cat when the the biting/itching occurs may enable you to pick up a pattern that will help you do this.  If her skin is dry, spraying her with a skin conditioner may make her more comfortable. One of my favorites is Humilac because it's not an oil-based product so it doesn't leave an oily residue on the cat's skin and coat. It's available through veterinarians.  Also if you can't distract your cat before she starts biting (by tossing or squeaking a toy, for example), ignore the behavior. Reacting to her biting may reinforce it and even cause a medical problem to segue into a behavioral one.
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