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Hernia Problem at Shih tzu puppy ?

Posted Nov 24 2008 7:21am

Question :

Hi, I am in the process of buying a Shih tzu puppy from a responsable breeder,
I have had contact with the puppy for the last 2 weeks so he is accustomed to me
when he is finally took away from his parents aged 8 weeks. The seller has rang
me today to explain that the pup has been to the vets for a check & found to
have a hernia, what advice can you give me? is this a serious problem with this
breed? should I go ahead & accept or walk away? I have seen both parents who
look just fine.


Answer :

Hello Nikola,

A hernia is protrusion of an organ or part through a defect in the wall of anatomical cavity in which it lies. The abdominal cavity is most recently affected, especialy in young puppies and the most recently organs are the intestines. It develops during embryonal stage. I do not know in wich part of the abdomen is the hernia, but usualy in young puppies they do not cause any problems. While the animal is growing up, the hernias can heal by itself. But in most of the cases it remains, or worse, can increase and in the end incarcerate.

My advise is: wait until 6 months of age and you should visit vet for examination if you suspect on increasing of the swelling. If the hernia is not reduced or is complicated it must be treat it. Fortunately the only treatmant is surgery. It is easy procedure and there is nothing to worry about.


Damjan Pavlovski DVM


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