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HELP! dog throwing up food AND yellow bile

Posted by nokinevoli

last night, my 7 month old German Shepherd started throwing up. then threw up some yellow bile. we had no idea what happened, thought she maybe ate something outside that upset her stomach. (she is usually an inside dog) so today, we gave her some chicken and rice, and made sure she had plenty of water. also she was kept inside all day today to make sure she didn't eat anything harmful. all her behavior was normal, until about 30 minutes ago when she threw up all the food she ate today in three "sessions." she didn't gag, or have hiccups or anything she just threw it up without warning. then she threw up like 6 more times in the next ten minutes, but just some yellow bile. does anyone know what is wrong with her?!!


P.S. i don't know if this is relevant, but her vomit smells HORRIBLE. i don't smell dog's vomit on a regular basis so i don't have much to compare it to, but it is the worst thing i have ever smelled. and literally within 10 seconds after she threw up, my entire room was unbearable to be in it smelled so bad. 

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You need to get her to a veterinarian as soon as possible. 

Let us know the diagnosis and we can help you to treat her naturally and safely if you are interested.  :-)

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