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Hard lump on my dogs back. What is the worst possible diagnosis?

Posted by finn4

It is hard like a bone, doesn't move, doesnt' hurt him. He is an 8 yr old medium size dog of healthy weight and appetite. It is located on his lower back a couple inches from the spine, I believe on a loin muscle. It's about the size of a quarter. I've pretty much ruled out a harmless fatty tumor but I still have my fingers crossed. He sees the vet this evening. Any suggestions?
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Since you're seeing his veterinarian tonight, let's wait on your report of the exam.  Visualization of the lump will provide some valuable clues.

Helpful Buckeye

Helpful Buckeye, Hey if you come back to this page can you let me know what the Vet had to say because what you discribe is the same on my dog its hard dosent move and just about the same place only on Penny hers ia a little bigger  than the size of a quarter please let me know thanks,Lina oh hope your dogs ok


finn4 that last post was ment for you mixed up on the names sorry I hope you come back. Lina

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