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Happy New Year! So what do YOU want from Dolittler this year?

Posted Jan 07 2009 4:31pm

Welcome to the first Dolittler post of 2009! Along with all the other resolutions I hope to keep, Dolittler improvement is on the list. But it’s not the pesky paragraph breaks and registration issues (though I promise I’ll get to those, too), it’s a bigger picture improvement you’ll get via its content.

As they say in the blogosphere, “content is king.” In other words, making Dolittler better is best achieved not through user convenience measures and technical fixes, but through a more interesting, wider variety of content offerings.

To that end I’ve got three major categories of Dolittler enhancement measures planned:

1-Video: Not everyone has a thing for reading. Though all you Dolittler regulars are less likely to be drawn to video and audio than to the almighty written word, the same cannot be said for the vast majority of the human universe (reference the huge popularity of YouTube and iTunes).

A PetCam (hopefully, courtesy of Panasonic) and a high-end video camcorder (thanks to my boyfriend’s generosity) will make these possible. Previous videos lacked so shockingly for quality it was amazing anyone downloaded them. Not so for the next generation of Dolittler video offerings with these tools in tow.

2-Audio: I know, I know. I’ve been promising podcasts for over a year. And while I have all the software and hardware at the ready, I’ve had a hard time finding my voice, as it were. Quality is crucial so I’ve been reticent to expose you to weekly podcasts lest their content suffer compared to my trusty keyboard’s product. Truth be told, I’m just a lazy, cowardly thing. I resolve to remedy this.

3-Positivity: I know you already enjoy the welfare conflicts the ethical dilemmas and the daily stress diatribes, but sometimes the tone of these posts gives me the impression that my life as a veterinarian is an endless tale of suffering and woe. Not so.

If my goal is to bring you the real world of veterinary medicine in a blog format (as it has been since day one over three years ago), then it’s about time I gave you the sweet stuff, too. Some of this can be remedied with success stories wrapped into Vet School 101 posts. And there are plenty of those to go around, despite the sad stories you’re so often treated to.

Historically, I keep more than half of my New Years resolutions. And this year, that means you’ll be getting more from matter what. But I can’t do it right...not without knowing what YOU really want. From blog post topic suggestions to big-picture wants, give it up here…

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