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Groovy Dog hosts The Photo Books Project pet photographer, March 7

Posted Mar 03 2009 4:15pm

dogbookproject-dog Here’s something I hope some of my Austin readers will be interested in checking out next weekend. Melissa McDaniel, a professional pet photographer will be in town to talk to people about her upcoming books. I’ve known her online for just a short time (she’s a photographer and one of our advertisers), but she’s also working on a project that she hopes will help pets throughout the USA & Canada.

The Photo Book Projects, a photography initiative designed to raise awareness about issues affecting animal rescue and animal welfare in the U.S. and Canada today, kicked off with an initial photo session in the middle of February. Photographer Melissa McDaniel began a road trip around the two countries in mid-February to photograph rescue dogs with their families, and visit and interview staff at animal rescue groups and animal shelters, in order to compile images and information for two photo books, one on rescue dogs and one on deaf dogs, which will both be sold to benefit animal rescue groups. The tour comes to Texas in March 7, with its first stop in Austin.


“It’s important that my photographs of the rescue dogs show them leading happy, normal lives with their new families. Rescue dogs need a new image.” While there are other photo books out on the market about dogs and even shelter dogs, McDaniel believes her books will have differentiating factors in that the dogs will be shown at home and happy with their new families, and also that rescue groups will directly sell these books in order to raise money for themselves. In addition, it is typical for the sale of many similar books only to donate a small percentage of each sale to charity, however, McDaniel hopes that a large percentage of her photo books sales will go directly to these animal rescue groups.

dogbookproject-white Other issues McDaniel hopes to address in these books: puppy mills, breed-specific legislation, the plight of pit bulls and breeding practices that often result in the birth of deaf puppies. She goes on to say, “At the very least, my hope is that people will read these books and one, understand the importance of spaying and neutering their pets, and two, that they will make their next dog a rescue dog…maybe even a deaf one.”

During the tour, McDaniel will also be participating in pet photography days at local pet businesses along the way, such as Groovy Dog Bakery in Austin. These photo sessions will help to raise money for the initial printing of the photo books. The event in Austin lasts from 11am to 5pm on Saturday, March 7. The photos from the event will not be in the photo books, but the print sales from the event will help to front the printing costs of the photo books. McDaniel will be photographing one family from Austin with their dog for inclusion in the photo books.

The public can follow the making of the photo books, including updates on the latest photo sessions, animal rescue stories, interviews and stories from the road, on McDaniel’s blog:

About The Photo Book Projects
The Photo Book Projects is a photography and fundraising initiative designed to raise awareness about issues affecting animal rescue and animal welfare in the U.S. and Canada today, including the pet overpopulation crisis, breed-specific legislation, puppy mills and myths surrounding deaf dogs. The resulting two photo books, one on deaf dogs and one on rescue dogs, will be sold to benefit animal rescue.


You’ll find the entire press release here.

And again, here’s when/where Melissa will be in Austin…

Groovy Dog Bakery
4477 South Lamar, Ste. 580
Saturday, March 7
11am to 5pm

Be sure to visit Melissa’s websites - she does absolutely beautiful work! You can also see a lot of her shelter dog photos on SmugMug…take a look.

I hope to see some of you there!

UPDATE: If you’d like Melissa to take some great photos of your dog while she’s in Austin, contact Kim at Groovy Dog Bakery for information.  512-891-7333 (or 1-866-GROOVYDOG)

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