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Greenies Pill Pockets

Posted Jan 27 2009 8:07pm 1 Comment

Items come along that are so thoughtful you wonder why you didn't think of that first. Greenies pill pockets are one of those items.

When I first tried giving pills to my dogs, I tried to give it to them as just another treat. But, apparently the pill didn't taste like chicken, because after the first couple of times, they knew exactly what it was and wouldn't take the pill.

So, then I had to hide it in peanut butter, which is quite messy. With Greenies Pill Pockets, all I have to do is stick the pill in the little pouch, and the dogs don't even know the difference. No mess, no fuss. The greenies are made for both dogs and cats, and have a variety of flavors.

It's easy to use. Simply hold the pill pockets treat with thumb and forefinger, and insert tablet. Pinch the top of the pocket to secure the treat inside, and give your pet their pill, consealed in the pocket. It's great for small pills. If you pet needs to take a larger pill, trying putting two of the pockets together, one on each side of the pill.

This product can be found at most retailers and is part of the PetSmart favorite things promotion. In the promotion,
Online shoppers can save 15% with this link and their PetSmart card.

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 I just wanted to let the original author know.

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