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Gonads, gonads, gonads! Humans a...

Posted Sep 29 2008 6:00pm

Shadrach the chagrined Neo Mastiff

Gonads, gonads, gonads! Humans are sure obsessed with that part of our anatomy these days, WOOF! Has anyone even considered asking us ruh??? And at FOUR months of age??? Come on! If we were in control and considering the same thing for humans, that would mean we would be looking at castrating your children at about 4 or 5 years of age in order to prevent teenage pregnancy. Oh yeah, that makes sense! And then your children wouldn’t grow properly, they’d have structural problems, and they’d have more behavioral problems (especially if you fed them the poop in bags we get fed every single meal), and then let’s slam them with vaccines every year. Oh yeah a big bunch of healthy human children that would create, WOOF! Oh and then we’d mask it and sell it as the Healthy Children Act hehe.

Okay I understand about waste of life here, BUT at FOUR months of age and making it mandatory in a uh FREE country? Right, that makes sense. Seems the agenda to end domestic pet ownership AND domesticated animals period, is hard at work to realize their sick dream by ending our lives altogether - AND make us suffer while they do end our presence on earth all the while calling it HEALTHY animal laws in the name of protection, WOOF! NUTS!

Begin by reading this:
Forced Sterilization of Pets
From PetPac:

Let’s set the record straight. California Assemblymember Lloyd Levine, author of AB 1634, the mandatory sterilization bill, continues to claim that we can save taxpayers and local governments $300 million from animal shelters budgets by reducing euthanasia rates in shelters.

But data from Los Angeles Animal Services shows no correlation between reduced euthanasia rates and animal shelter cost savings. In fact it shows the exact opposite.

From 2001 to 2007, Los Angeles Animal Services has reported the euthanasia rates have decreased by 60% while the budget for their department has risen from $12,782,618 to $21,360,363 a 67% increase in costs.

PetPAC is working to reduce euthanasia rates through a true no-kill policy but is strongly opposed to Assembly member Levine’s scheme to cut funding to animal shelters. If $300 million is cut from our animal shelters we will be forced to close shelters down across the state.

Our opponents continue to advocate for slashing millions from animal shelters across the state. Their claims of cost savings realized from a decrease in euthanasia rates are directly refuted from data provided by Los Angeles Animal Services. We do need a No-Kill policy for Animal Shelters in this state but it won’t happen if supporters of AB 1634 get their way and cut funding to Animal Shelters.

PetPAC will continue to set the record straight on AB 1634. Thank you for your support.

Bill Hemby
PetPAC Chairman

For more information on the No Kill Movement go to No Kill Advocacy Center and listen to our interview on Animal Talk Naturally with Nathan Winograd, author of “ Redemption ” about the No Kill Revolution:
Redeemed: The No Kill Movement - Show #116

Oppose Mandatory Spay-Neuter Legislation:

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, No Kill day, WOOF!

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