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Getting to Know Gracie: A Story of Rescue, Rehabilitation and Recovery!

Posted Jan 05 2011 8:44pm

I was so excited to hear about this story!  I am a HUGE fan of Corridor Rescue, Inc. (CRI) and Rover Oaks Pet Resort and I was so excited to learn that an amazing community volunteer named Georgina Maldonado successfully won the great Rover Oaks auction package at this year’s SNAPshots event , and turned right around and donated to an animal in need from Corridor Rescue !  

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I am inspired by people like Georgina who pay it forward.  She not only supported SNAP in their efforts to reduce pet overpopulation buy purchasing the package, but she used it as a way to make a difference for another group...and more animal in need.  To me, that’s what it’s all about, using every opportunity to do something good and to help as many groups and animals along the way.  

Georgina’s donation will help Gracie, a pup rescued from the streets of the Corridor of Cruelty, an area where many dogs suffer from the cruelty of humans and the sadness of starvation, illness and death.  CRI has been making a huge difference for many of the animals in that area, feeding them and rescuing and rehabilitating as many animals as they can.  You may remember our recent Corridor Cutie, Freddie , who we followed through a rough recovery.  My hope is that we can follow Gracie on her adventure through training, socialization and ultimately her arrival at her new forever home!

Gracie face

Gracie has a sad story.  CRI’s leader Deborah Hoffman, along with several other volunteers, including SNAP mobile clinic staffer Judy Barnett, followed Gracie for 2 months out in the Corridor last winter as she searched for safety and food. Their dedicated volunteers set traps to safely catch her nearly every day for those 2 months.  Finally, Judy brought in the big guns with a goat trap, which along with Gracie’s growing hunger eventually did the trick - oh plus Judy's home cooking!

According to Deborah, Gracie has been in boarding for nearly a year now and really, really needs a home of her own or at least a foster home until the her perfect forever home does come along. That’s where Georgina and Rover Oaks Pet Resort came into the picture.  

Georgina and her companion Greg Hook usually walk rescue dogs on the weekend at the Fritz Carlton.  They had been walking Gracie for about 3 months and when they heard she was in desperate need of foster home for the holidays, they just could not say "no" to her.  

Gracie is quite fearful of people and new experiences.  How could she not be after living through the horror of being in the Corridor of Cruelty.  This is one of the main reasons it is important for her to be with a caring family that can patiently show her that all people are not bad and that she is safe and loved.  

They fostered her in their home where she had a crate in the common area and in the "craft room/sewing room".  They also set up a bed in the craft room so that a human could be in the room with her every night to make sure she was doing well.  By the second week Gracie was sleeping on the bed with the human.

Over the holiday’s Georgina’s nephews, 8 and 9, spent a week with Gracie.  Gracie was always in her crate in the common area when boys were around.  At first Gracie would cower to the back of the crate when the boys sat on the couch near her crate. Finally, after 4 days Gracie did not seem to mind that the boys were there.  Rather than retreat, she would open an eye to make sure she knew were they were, and I think we all know that most dogs would do the same with 8 and 9 year old boys running around :0)!.  The boys were really moved by her and her story and even wrote a poem for Gracie which follows:

Please o please give Gracie a home,
so that she has room to roam
I will not lie she is very shy
At night she does not cry
Come visit me at the kennel, you won't say good bye.

After winning the Rover Oaks Pampered Pooch package at SNAP’s annual SNAPshots event , Georgina felt compelled to help Gracie further and donated the entire package, valued at more than $1500, that will provide Gracie with much-needed training and socialization and ultimately lead to her placement with a family that is a perfect fit for her.  This is something the expert trainers and staff at Rover Oaks are amazing at!  They know how to work with dogs that have specific needs.  In fact, they recently helped out Cloud , a pup from CAP that spent some time at the resort and found a new home just in time for the holidays.  Now it will be Gracie’s turn for some special, one-on-one attention from the experts!  

Georgina and Greg dropped Gracie off at Rover Oaks Monday.  They were able to capture some photos, just a few, because sweet Gracie is very afraid of new sounds.  We will continue to update our readers on Gracie’s progress and include photos and videos as they happen.  While we always love to see that visual or the pup, with Gracie we will let her tell us when she is comfortable with that and then post accordingly.  We definitely want the focus to be on her learning and development, knowing that the staff at Rover Oaks will greatly enhance her existence and provide her with new tools to live a happy and carefree life!  

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Major props to Georgina Maldonado, Greg Hook, Deborah Hoffman and CRI as well as everyone at Rover Oaks Pet Resort !  Stay tuned to hear about Gracie’s progress and for any details about adoption or fostering that will follow her stay at the resort.  

In the meantime, visit to learn more about Corridor Rescue , Inc and to learn more about the amazing services they offer!  Lastly, lets all look at the example Georgina has provided and see where we can all do something to help one another and most of all...the animals!  We can make a huge difference if we all work together!

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