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Freeze-dried Pet Treats

Posted Oct 04 2013 2:45pm

chicken_treats_WholeLife At times I am contacted by product publicists to promote a certain product. I would say more often than not I reject them because they are not in keeping with the ideals I share and teach for the whole health, natural, naturopathic care for our canines – but there are exceptions to that rule. Typically it will be 1) truly organic toys, 2) environmentally friendly products for use with and around pets, and 3) TREATS of course! However, that said, I am VERY picky about the treats I will give to my dogs – they MUST be ALL-meat treats with no junk fillers in them and DEFINITELY no grains or veggies. I have a carnivore supplier that I typically purchase my treats from but when the publicist that often contacts me sent me the press release below I said to myself,”Hmmm, now these might be good to at least try.” What got my attention was the fact these treats are 100% ALL-meat, freeze-dried treats. No preservatives, no fillers, no grains, no veggies – meeting all of my requirements.

Being the skeptic I am with pet products I asked for samples so I could read the label and make sure they are what they professed to be AND to allow my canine taste-testers to also let me know if they meet with their preferences. Of course my dogs are true scavenger carnivores so they will eat most anything if I let them. But I have seen King reject something based on the fact that it was a vegetable in every instance. I don’t feed that to them I just was seeing if he would – a little private test if you will. Some dogs will of course, especially the kibble-fed ones who are doing their best to try and get some fresh nutrients into their bodies poor puppies.

I received a bag of the chicken and a bag of the beef treats. The beef is 100% pure beef top round strips and the chicken is 100% pure chicken breast. There are no other ingredients – no preservatives. So I felt confident in giving these to my dogs. Did my dogs like them? Oh YES they sure did!

I think these treats are great for training as they are light and you can break them into smaller pieces if you want although they are chunky but not chewy as are many of the dehydrated treats. And best of all they are made in America and definitely have nothing additional added. Here is more information to help you decide if want to use these for your pets. You can also visit their website to find out where these treats are sold in your area a


The World’s First “Farm to Friend” Treats

PITTSFIELD, Mass. (September 9, 2013) – “Farm to table” foods beef_treats_WholeLife are known as the most nourishing, healthy and responsibly sourced products people can get. We look for package labels that tell us where the ingredients come from because we’re conscientious about our family’s health. Unfortunately, that same approach has not been applied to pet foods and treats…until now. Introducing Whole Life® Pet treats, the world’s first “Farm to Friend” treats for dogs and cats.

Whole Life Pet has four different product lines, so there’s a treat to fit every pet. The original Whole Life line brings simplicity back with one ingredient, freeze-dried treats that are easily recognized by the brand’s iconic striped bags. The new Pier 6™ recipes are freeze-dried treats made with locally sourced fish from Boston fishermen that use sustainable methods. The Tail Mix™ line includes fun “real food” freeze-dried treats like burgers or meatballs. And finally, Whole Life Organics are the only USDA certified organic line of freeze dried treats certified by Oregon Tilt. All products are available in a range of protein options, including chicken, beef, venison, salmon, sweet potato and more.

According to John Gigliotti, founder and CEO, “Every ingredient in our products comes from handpicked farmers, ranchers and fishermen we know personally and trust. We buy the highest quality cuts of meat, poultry and fish that we can find and continue to search for the best, like a high-end restaurant. And every Whole Life treat is made in western Massachusetts, in our own state-of-the-art facility.”

Founded in 2007, Whole Life® Pet is based in the Berkshires in western Massachusetts. Focusing on transparency, the brand guarantees making the healthiest, best tasting and safest, single ingredient pet treats on Earth. U.S. farmers, ranchers and fisherman are all handpicked and come from the human food industry to ensure the highest quality and freshest treats ever. The brand also operates their own state of the art freeze-drying manufacturing facility where they produce and package everything in-house under the supervision and care of their own pet loving staff. Constantly pushing the boundaries and setting new trends in product innovation, quality, safety, and palatability, Whole Life Pet has changed the thinking behind treating pets right.

Media Note: Interviews, product samples and images are available.
Media Contact Kim Kirchner
Matrix Partners
312-648-9972 x 38

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!

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