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Foul smelling saliva discharge

Posted Jul 05 2009 9:14pm

Title: foul smelling saliva discharge
pet’s breed: maltese
pet’s age: 10
pet’s sex: female
previous treatment:

teeth removed and antibiotic treatment that worked for about a year to stop the foul smelling saliva discharge.


we are hoping for holistic or alternative treatment as nothing else is working. Could this be an immune disorder such as an allergy to her own saliva? sometimes the discharge almost looks like like puss…
thank you for time and help



As first vet should found the source of this pathology. This sign may point to changes in the salivary glandes and their channels, or the pathology may be focused on other part of the mouth. Bad breathe can point on some degradation processes, and pus like saliva can point to some bacterial infection on the primary cause.
As a cause usually comes genetics of the teeth and gums, or the cause might be from sinuses, if removed teeth were on the maxilla.

As therapy you can start washing pets mouth with povidon iodine solution or some other oral hygienic solution twice a day. This can appear that is not sufficient therapy so might your pet should take antibiotic again.




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