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For Immediate Release: Do y...

Posted Sep 13 2008 5:19pm

For Immediate Release:

Do you own a dog but would like to learn more about them? The 1st Annual Online Dog Expo September 22-24 is destined to be the place to be for dog owners, fanciers, and rescuers, during this worldwide event

In light of all the negative news we often hear about dogs in mainstream media these days –dogs being killed by the thousands in China, dog bites and attacks, dog genocide in many cities under the guise of Breed Specific Legislation – there is some refreshing news on the canine horizon.

The 1st Annual Online Dog Expo September 22-24, will be taking a completely different stance from mainstream media about those of the canine persuasion. Dogs will not only be celebrated for their contribution and service to the world but the extraordinary platform of speakers are united in wanting to educate dog owners and the media about the true nature and needs of our dogs.

Topics will include choosing the right breed for your lifestyle, how dogs empower us through our connection with them, being a voice for dogs through podcasting, natural modalities, nutrition, and health for dogs. The expo will also have more political topics on breed specific legislation, animal welfare verses animal rights, unchaining of dogs, but all in favor of dogs unlike much of what is presented in today’s news.

The organizers of the event, the Animal Talk Naturally! online radio show team, Kim Bloomer & Jeannie Thomason, feel that education is the missing link to bridging the gap for the lack understanding about the nature of dogs. “I get very upset when I see all the negativity the mainstream media wants to report on. All the tragic and horrible things about what dogs are doing TO humans rather than FOR us. The problem is never the dogs; it is always a human problem. This Expo is about educating the public so that the dogs will benefit”, commented Bloomer.

“Kim and I began our online radio show to become a voice for the animals and to be proactive in being part of the solution rather than promoting the problems. We feel that with the quality of guests we bring on to our show to share with our audience, we are helping the animals in a very positive way. This Expo is just an extension of what we do on our show in a much bigger way” states Thomason.

The variety of speakers include Cynthia Brian, animal rescuer, actress, model, and author, Ron Hevener, author, artist, and breeder/owner of racing horses, dogs and show dogs, integrative veterinarian Dogtor J (aka Dr. John Symes) –regular contributor to Animal Talk Naturally, and Amy Snow & Nancy Zidonis, world renown animal accupressurists, are just some of the amazing speakers who will be sharing during this three day long event.

To purchase your ticket to attend, be an exhibitor or sponsor, go to For more details contact Tammy Munson, publicist for the event via email or call 940-782-7340. This event is hosted and powered by Co-op World.


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