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Fibrosarcomas & Spindle Cell Tumors in Cats

Posted by Mom4cats

I am wondering what my cats chances are of being healthy for another year or 2 after having this tumor removed - The vet is sure that it is one of these two kinds of cancer, and we are having it removed - the whole tumor - or as much as they can safely remove.

We cannot afford to have the 2nd surgery they recommend which would amputate her back leg - where the tumor is located.

She is 13 years old, so we are mostly hoping for a good surgical outcome and another year or two of her living healthy & happy, cancer free. We are hoping for quality of life, not quantity! Though 5 more years would be awesome!

We have ordered and will be starting her on an herbal cancer treatment recommended by the vet - anything else we can do?? Has anyone else been through this with a cat?

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My baby Max is 16 years old.  A month ago I brought him to the vet because he was losing weight and not eating, no energy, etc.  They found a lump between his shoulders, the vet stating that he didn't think that it was vaccine related.  Anyway he had several tests to be sure that he could handle surgery.  He had the tumor removed, came home and there were minor complications with him.  Max could not breathe so we had to take him back to the hospital where he spent two days in an oxygen cubicle.  They now thought he had heart trouble.  He needed to see a cat cardiologist to make sure all was ok.  Come to find out he has high blood pressure and heart disease, probably from the anesthesia.      He is on medications for both now.   I also have been giving him Es-Clear since  he came home and it has done wonders for him.  He looks perky, has more energy and his appetite has been really good.  He's even gained 2 pounds since last month.   Well, last week I felt three small lumps.  I called the vet and we will find out what they are when we go today.  The lumps have doubled in size in a week, so to me that is not a good sign.  I don't think Max can handle another operation, and I really don't know what to do.  I know I want him comfortable, but how do you really know if they are when cats hide their pain so well.  I am praying to God that it is something else, but what else can it be?  I know the first tumor was malignant , so I am just trying to be prepared and make the right decision for my sweetheart.


hello and a big warm hug to anybody who has a kitty suffering from this senseless tumor. i just wanted to share my story as a sign of hope for anyone who comes across this page after discovering a fibrosarcoma on one of their babies. i have a sweet little siamese mix about 3 years old who got spayed in novemeber and at the same time got a rabies shot that was placed into her shoulder. in january, it seemed overnight (literally) i noticed a tumor the size of a boulder. she's very small and thin so it was noticeable just by looking at her (hence, how it seemed overnight as i would have noticed). i took her to the vet two days later and an aspiration showed a mass with no fluid. he then discussed that it was most likely a fibrosarcoma vaccine related since she just had the rabies vaccine in the same place. we removed it that very day and the news was not good. he said that it had grown so fast that it perforated. it had broken her blood vessels and broke open her muscle wall. he said it looked worse than a usual fibrosarcoma. i was devestated. we had talked about radiation and my boyfriend and i had even made plans for scattering her ashes at her favorite place... i, too, felt extreme guilt because she is an indoor cat and i didn't even want to get the vaccine. i figured, what the hell...better to be safe right? i really wish that vets would explain this risk because when you are that one in 10,000..that 9,999 doesn't mean crap! anyway, i did a lot of praying..i even blessed her in st. jude oil everynight as this cat is very much a child to me. the pathology came back a miracle. the vet said that he didnt want to scare me but he would have bet all his money that her tumor was very advanced cancer. everything in the pathology showed evidence of a fibrosarcoma and indeed was vaccine related but it was as if the cancer was 'sucked out' so-to-speak. had i waited even a couple of days, it most likely would have been malignant the vet said (who is so amazing- if anyone lives in the sacramento area let me know). so they are calling it a granuloma and was made up of histocyte and lymphocyte cells (spelling is off im sure) but he is positive he got it all out and should never come back. my baby can never be injected ever-pain medicine, fluids ANYTHING for the rest of her life (its not only vaccines that can cause these btw). but i'll take that anyday over this nasty tumor. basically, i just want people to know that miracles DO happen. my vet said that in his 40 years of practice and the literature he's read, he's never seen a cat come back months later with this bad of a mass and have it not be cancer. i'll have to watch her forever but it is unlikely that her tumor will ever grow back...unless it's unrelated completely. if anyone needs any support i'm here for you, just let me know. this is an awful thing to happen to someone and i know what the guilt feels like. but your kitty knows that you love them and they trust that you are taking care of them. each and everyone of you sound like wonderful kitty owners. so KEEP your faith that miracles do happen. it happened to me and i have a tendency for horrible luck. WHEN THERE IS LIFE, THERE IS HOPE. <3

Hi Everyone

I have a twelve year old cat called Jack who lost one of his legs at 8 months due to an accident with a smashed up greenhouse.  He coped great with this and unfortunately has recently been diagnosed as having a spindel cell tumour on one of his remaining legs.  Obviously this means amputation is out of the question as he would only be left with two legs.

 This has devistated me as I am unable to have children and ffor the last twelve yeard Jack has been my baby.

I agreed with everyones comments about quality not quantity being important.

Thanks Dawn

Hi Zoe. I don't know how old this post is, but to anyone else reading who is now going through the struggle with a fibrosarcoma...I did want to say that my cat is now a 5+ year survivor of a vaccine related tumor. I found it when it was about the size of a marble. He was 6 at the time. His regular vet did the first surgery which was quite easy, with only a  1 inch scar. Unfortunately this did not come back with clean edges. I was then referred to a specialist  vet hospital. He did a few weeks of radiation, this was expensive but did not have any negative reactions for him. Lost some hair and it grew back white. No problem. He then had another surgery which again did not come back with clean edges. This time the surgeon said he could go in more aggressively and take out part of the body wall, replacing it with mesh. He said this was the only way to give him a good chance at survival. This surgery was the only thing that really kicked his butt, but only for a few days. This did come back with clean edges. While still a chance for reoccurrance, he continues to be cancer free. He is happy and healthy and none the worse for wear. I still pray everyday for him but the doctors seem to believe that he is one of the lucky ones.


If money is not an option and you can catch it early, get a CAT scan first (this helps them know exactly where to radiate), radiation and find the best surgeon possible. My prayers go out to anyone struggling with this situation.

My 5 year old tabby, Lucky, is about to go through a second surgery to remove a fibrosarcoma tumor. They don't think her's is vaccine-related. Her first surgery was less than a year ago. I just ordered the ES-Clear. Right now she doesn't even act like the tumor is there. But I just ordered the es-clear for her. How was your cat's experience with it?

Zoe, diet also plays a huge role in how healthy your cat can be. She can live a long and good life if you will consider switching her diet to a raw diet. Cats are obligate carnivores which means they are obligated to eat fresh, raw meat daily.

A good website to learn more is 

Thanks for the comment back, it's nice to hear that your cat is happy! The best you can ask for is that she will be happy and as healthy as can be possible in the time you have left with her, glad you've found a better vet too :)

The Es-Clear sounds interesting, but I'm not sure if they have it in the UK? I think a lot more work has been done in America for it.

 Shadow is quite happy, he isn't as lively as before and he sleeps more, but he is still eating well and going outside. The vet said we should keep watching him in case he has troubles jumping in the future, as the tumour goes down into his leg muscle by the shoulder blades. Hopefully though, he will carry on well like he is so far and will have a good transition as you said. It's true, I don't want to see him hurting... I'll miss him a lot, but it comes down to the best thing for him!

 Have a great christmas, good luck! x

Hi Zoe -

    We had a very aggressive surgery perfromed and our new vet was able to remove most (but not all) of the tumor. He got about 98% but would have had to perforate her intestine walls to get all (though he didn't know that at the time. He went as far & deep as he safely could and thought he had a nice clean margin. 

      She has recovered VERY well, and seems to be back to her old self - running, playing like a kitten, and eating fairly well. She is getting a product called Es-Clear which is designed for cat cancer. It is herbs and such, and she tolerates it well. It is supposed to help slow or stop the growth of the tumors and boost their immune systems. 

       Her leg was not involved at all - we switched vets when the original one kept raising her prices on us. I hadn't been fond of her anyway, so I think it was a good move. We found an excellent vet - very nice and good at this type of surgery. AS it turned out it was/is a fibrosarcoma, probably injection related.

        His prognosis was about 1 year till the tumor was that invasive again, so we are planning on taking her with us to Christmas at my parents this year to give her a really good last Christmas - she is a great traveler, and we are driving, and this way I can be with her if she gets sick too - and they have an amazing vet in their home town, who knows her from when I lived there with her a few years ago.

         Anyway, for now she is holding her own, and being a nice strong girl, as I knew she is!!! Thanks for you note! I wish you and Shadow peace, I hope he has an easy transition when it comes time for that. They are so much a part of who we are, such an integral part of our families, it is so hard to watch them hurt. 

Yes- right now our 10 year old cat, shadow, has a vaccine-related fibrosarcoma... We felt extremely guilty, as we had never given our cats booster shots until we moved to where we are now. Our vet highly reccomended we give them injections, and so we did. The one year old and Shadow's brother were fine, but then after a few months we noticed a small lump inbetween Shadow's shoulder blades, where the injection was.

 He had aggressive surgery, and we were told that hopefully it would not come back (But later looked on the internet where it said it has a high occurance rate and the chances of it reoccuring are high- within 5 or more months.) Unfortunately his sarcoma came back, I noticed it quickly, and it seemed that his stictches had only just been removed...

 It is a rare thing, said to be 1 in 10,000 or even 30,000. In the end, we have booked a health check for him, but have left him to live without surgery- we just want him to be comfortable and not constantly under the knife. It seems like we will have him put down in the next 6 months...

We will make sure we enjoy our last moments with him! I can't say much about spindle cell tumors, but I hope your situation doesn't come down to this, and you have a good 5 years left wth her! :)

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