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Female poodle pupply With Vomiting and diarrhoea Problems

Posted Nov 03 2008 4:15am

Question :

We have a female poodle pupply, six month old with diaherria has had about two weeks, about l week ago vomitting.  been to the vets every day almost.  He did a x-ray and that showed alot of gas.  They put her on baby food and did have her on IV fluids for a few days. she still tries to throwup, she is on meds for that too.  I do not own her but did sell the baby to a wonderful home. She has been tested for parvo and has had her shots.The lady told me she has a urinary discharge and that concern me about kidney  problems?


answer :

Vomiting and diarrhoea are common symtpoms amongst pups and are usually self limiting. However, it is worrying to hear that the patient is still trying to be sick despite hospitalisation and fluid therapy. It is difficult to give my opinion on an abdominal x-ray with “a lot of gas”.
Pups have a tendency to swallow non-food items which may then cause ongoing gastro-intestinal problems. It may not always cause a complete obstruction. I would recommend to perform contrast study x-rays. I would recommend to use BIPS ( Barium Impregnated Polyethylene Spheres) because those may reveal a partial obstruction.
Regarding the urinary urinary discharge:
- If the discharge is a purulent discharge, then one would suspect juvenile vaginitis which is likely to be self-limiting. Antibiotherapy based on culture and sensitivity testing of the pus may help.
- If the discharge is “urine leaking” then urine testing would be the first step towards finding the exact cause of the problem.
Please note that the urine discharge may not be related to the vomiting/diarrhoea issue at all.
julien poublon


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