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Feeling Good, Feeling Bad and Feeling Right. Life with Dogs.

Posted Jun 09 2010 9:06am
As I continue to trek on with the Project Happiness Life with Dog as Training Partner experience I find that it really is about each moment of the day.

Take for instance the concept of feeling good, feeling bad and feeling right.

What happens when you wake up in the morning with things you need to get done and yet you feel bad?  It’s hard to get going.  And it is certainly hard to get going with any sort of finesse when you feel like that.

It’s precisely what happened to me today and due to this project I was able to figure a way out of it.

I felt bad when I got up.  Didn’t want to get anything done, didn’t feel like doing anything, and didn’t really feel like anyone cared whatever it was that I did.  But then I realized it was about each moment and started applying things like the One Minute Rule.  ( you’ll find it in an upcoming post )

Feeling Good and Feeling Bad

It’s hard in the moments when you feel bad to make yourself feel good.  But what I’m finding is that with a bit of practice the feeling can be attained with just a little effort.

Thinking about those things that you do have in your life to make you feel good is the answer to this dilemma.  There are things, you just have to bring your mind to think about the good and quit focusing on whatever it is that is making you feel bad.

Think Like a Dog

Very simple answer to feeling good.  It’s every day that my two dogs get up wagging their tails in anticipation of what the day is going to bring.  It doesn’t even really matter if it’s the exact same thing that happened yesterday.... the thought of those fun moments is enough to wag for the day.

Ok.  Keeping that in mind I realized that I had the opportunity to go to the gym.  Run on the treadmill in my barefoot shoes.  It was the option instead of going out on the Rim Trail.  It’s unseasonably hot here in Taos, New Mexico and the dogs could get heat exhaustion due to lack of a cooling system.

Instead I came up with a great plan.  There’s a river right up the road so when I was done with the workout for today, I took my computer and headed up the road with the dogs.  They got to get out and run and get in the river.  I got to sit and get some work done on my computer in a very creative way.

That feels right.

So there you go.  The training lesson for today for you and the dog.  Feeling good, feeling bad and feeling right.

I started out feeling bad.  I focused on only those things that could make me feel good.  I lived the moment like my dogs.... wagging in anticipation of the next fun thing....
and now everything is feeling right.

Create your own Project Happiness Life with Dog As Training Partner.  It’s easy enough to click on the Healthy Living Wag Report and go for your fit, balance lifestyle with your dog as your most loyal training partner.
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