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Farewell Shadrach the Neo Mastiff: August 3, 1999 – April 5, 2011 R.I.P.

Posted Apr 06 2011 6:14pm

Here is what I shared with our dog group, on our radio show and our newsletter team:

Our Farewell Audio on Animal Talk Naturally: Farewell to Shadrach the Neo Mastiff – Show #358

I just wanted to let you all know that at 2:15 PM Mountain Time April 5, 2011 our Shadrach passed away. We were with him. It didn’t take him long. I suspect now he has been dying the last three days. He stopped playing, not wanting to eat much, and very restless. He acted disoriented a lot. And today he didn’t want to eat but was hungry as if he didn’t know what he wanted. He went for his walk but wasn’t very enthusiastic about it.

He waited all morning for Donnie to get home from his doctor appointments. An hour before he died he ate which is unusual. He laid down on his couch and then started seizing and pooping poor guy. I knew he was dying. We covered him up and laid down by him. I used Young Living Trauma Life and Rescue Remedy to help ease him through. He looked at us and kept trying to get back up. So we prayed over him and asked the Lord to please take him quickly so his suffering could end.

He looked at me and touched me with his paw. And I told him he was my champion ability dog, my hero, my sweet hug lovey, and that I will love him forever. I asked him to be waiting for me when it’s my turn. I also told him to please stop fighting and to go be with our Lord. He looked at me and then at Donnie, had some death throe breathing, and then he closed his eyes and was gone.

I am devastated and so utterly heartbroken. Shadrach is the reason I started writing. He’s the reason I started Animal Talk Naturally with Dr. Jeannie and he’s the reason I became an animal naturopath. He is the first dog I’ve had that died at home in hospice without euthanasia. He taught me from the day he came to us at 4 1/2 months until his dying breath. He will live on in my heart and memories for as long as I live and he will continue to be my inspiration. What an amazing Teacher Dog he was. Godspeed my sweet boy, I miss you so much already.

All I can say is thank you to each and every one of you. You all know what it’s like to lose someone you love – all dog lovers do. They are ALL special but some just excel at “specialness“. Shadrach was one of those.

The pain is so intense and the loss so great right now that I feel as if everything is just surreal, as if I’ll see him come padding down the hall way or stop in the kitchen to eyeball the counter-top. Or sitting out on the back patio perusing his domain, sometimes “woof woofing” at the neighbor dogs. But I won’t.

Thank you all for your words of kindness and encouragement they mean so much. His presence was so large in our house that it feels too empty now and far, far too clean – he made life interesting, and challenging…never a dull moment with him.

I know each day the pain will lessen but missing him won’t – he took up so much of my life, my heart, that it feels right now as if the burden is just too great. I’m better for having known and loved such a special being as him. He taught me so much – all of the most important life lessons that animals are so adept at showing us without judgment, with forgiveness being something they do effortlessly.

I will put up a Condolence Page to share all the beautiful, heart-felt messages from everyone. And I am going to put together a video of Shadrach soon to share here.

I will continue the legacy Shadrach and I started here together on Bark N Blog sharing natural health care for dogs in 2004…only without his special presence and dog thoughts. :-(

Thank you all for reading Shadrach’s messages here all these years. Please give your dogs extra hugs in honor of Shadrach – and feed them raw meaty bones !

In health and wellness,
Dr. Kim Bloomer – Shadrach’s human Mom
Drool unto others as you would have them drool unto you.” ~Peggy McColl

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