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Excessive salivation Problem

Posted Mar 07 2009 2:17pm

pet’s breed: Weimeraner
pet’s age: 5.5 months
pet’s sex: male
previous treatment:



Our weimeraner pup has suddenly developed excesive salivation. It is at its
worst when he is sleeping. Anything he sleeps on is by the time he
awakes.He appears fine and in good health and has no problem eating or drinking.
Immediately prior to this problem starting, he was bitten on the eyelid by our
other dog, which became swollen but was normal after a day or so.
Our vet examined him and could find nothing obvious. We were advised to monitor
problem. We have monitored for 5 days and the problem persists. Any advice
would be helpfull.


Dear Graham,

Your dog is in period of teeth changing (5-8 month of age), so excessive salivation can be symptom of this physiological process. Usually in this period dogs bite frequently everything around them, including furniture.
Monitor the teeth. Dogs in difference to humans, they change teeth in few days so you might not notice.
I doubt that previous bite was cause of the hypersalivaton.
There are drugs packed in tablets that can reduce hypersalivation and inflammation of the gums.

I hope this will help you

Best wishes



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