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Engorgement or leaking…

Posted Aug 23 2008 11:08pm
One is painful and one is painfully obvious. But which would I rather have?

I could kick myself for touting “I don’t wear breast pads anymore…”—well, I should.

I was doing a good thing—buying balloons to welcome my sister home from Mongolia . I was holding Par in line at Party City . I knew it was time for him to eat—I thought it was a little strange he wasn’t diving for my breast as he usually does. Did you know it takes 20 minutes to blow up 12 balloons? Anyway, it took a while and Par was such a good boy—but he was scratching me on my collar bone over and over again. I guess his scratching caused a let-down because before I could do anything about it—I had a giant milk ring around my left breast.

I tried to strategically hold Par in front of the left breast—but I am left handed and needed to sign my credit card receipt—I know I looked so awkward!

I’ll be taking a break for the holiday weekend—look for a new post on Monday!
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