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English Bulldog coughed blood

Posted Dec 21 2009 7:14pm
By pet-admin, December 22, 2009 10:14 am

pet’s breed: english bulldog, deceased
pet’s age: 7.6 years
pet’s sex: male
previous treatment:

beau seemed very healthy on a friday night, on sunday he had symptoms listed below. by sunday evening shortly after midnight he arrested. i’m devastated. diagnoses are only presumptive. i have no closure. he had no previous treatment because he was never sick. how the heck did this come on so sudden. even more sad, i was away for a 3-day weekend. left on a friday night at 9 a.m. Beau was gone by the following Sunday shortly after midnight. I will never be the same. He was my best buddy and the light of my life. I feel guilty, although I was the most caring, probably over protective pet owner on the planet. this has ruined my life for many, many months to come. if only i was here, perhaps i could have help him. why did this happen during the 48 hours we were apart. we are always together, in the car, on vacation, sleeping in the same bed. i’ve never had such bad luck before. this is the worst thing that has ever happened to me. i am devastated and heart broken.


dog seemed healthy. showed signs of lethargy. threw up a fews times, not unusual for Beau. coughed up blood (2 tbl spoons) was at er 30 minutes later, arrested while they were taking 2nd round of blood for evaluation. he had peritonitis, thickened pancrease, nodules on spleen, gastrointestinal bleeding, ibd, but “none of these symptoms would have cause sudden death. they’re saying it as either acute cardiac or respiratory failure. i’m devastated.


Please accept my condolences. Losing a pet-friend is very sad and pailful, but you can’t blame you?self for your absence. The time for him had came, unfortunately.
Well, not that inflammation of pancreas can’t cause death. If someone made an autopsy, then the vet should have the right diagnosis. I can’t tell exactly what is the cause, because It is not my patient, sorry.
If someone saw him that coughed blood he/she should immediately bring him to vet.
That’s everything I can say.

Your well wisher


Damjan Pavlovski DVM

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