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Posted by eshu

Hi my pet(pomeranian) is 10 yrs. old and is suffering from a chronic lung disease emphysema.He ha been been given injectable antibiotics 3 times .one of the antibiotics latest given to him was ampicillin for 3 days.

but the symptoms(cough) are manifesting aggrevates when he eats sweets ,or is kept in an A.C Room or when lying on back with legs up.

this desease started almost 5-6 yrs. back ,initially we used to treat him with septran(for kids) for 5 days and results were good but now this antibiotic doesn't make any difference and we have to give him injectibles but that too doesn't improve the condito totally.

kindly advice what can be done.

is this disease communicable to humans?

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Your veterinarian must feel there is some bacterial involvement with your Pomeranian's chest problem.  Have they discussed with you a particular infection they are treating with the antibiotics?  Without knowing what type of infectious process you're dealing with, it is hard to say if this would be contagious to humans.  Most dog infections are not communicable to humans, but there are some that can be.

I'm also wondering if there might not be some involvement of the heart as at least a part of this problem?  Has your Pomeranian had a chest X-ray done or any studies of the heart (such as an electro-cardiogram)?

If your dog has been acting healthy otherwise, the other consideration would be some type of allergic condition involving the respiratory system.

Perhaps you should consider having your Pom examined by a veterinary internal medicine specialist.  Unless you are in a really small town, there are veterinary specialists available in most areas.

Helpful Buckeye

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