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Dry choking/gaging through the night. Nothing came up. Happened 5x. THIS IS NEW!

Posted by jazzmarie's mom

Our 12yr lab just started dry choking through the night.  Would gag/couch a couple of times --nothing would come up.  Happened five times.  Not sure if I should feed her at her time of 7:30?  It's Thanksgiving Day
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If your dog is acting OK otherwise, go ahead and feed her at her regular time.  As long as she can swallow her food and not gag any of it back up, you should be OK doing so.

A dry, hacking cough can be seen in just about any age dog.  Kennel cough and allergies can be the common culprits.  However, in a dog that is 12 years old, there would also be other considerations as well.  See how she does today and if it continues into tomorrow, you should have her checked over.  If this doesn't recur, then just keep in in mind should it happen again down the road.

Helpful Buckeye

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