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dose of benadryl for 9kg dog for skin itching/allergies

Posted by lobee1255

my jack russell has a flea allergy, we use revolution, but she still gets a few fleas on her and it drives her crazy with itching constantly.  I was wondering if benadryl would help?
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I'd only use it if your veterinarian specifically recommends it because dogs can have different reactions to it, including increased aggitation. Not a good thing when a dog is already going after himself. Also, if you're not doing so already and pain in the behind though it may be, be sure to either vacuum daily or treat your environment to get rid of flea eggs and/or adults that are hatching out in rugs or furnishings where your dog or other animals may have been. That's a big part of flea control and espeically in the case of flea allergies.

Your dog still has fleas while on Revolution because his immune system is not working well.  

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