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Dog Was dragging both back legs

Posted Mar 12 2009 3:15pm

pet’s breed: Doxie
pet’s age: 12
pet’s sex: M
previous treatment:



Yesturday Buster woke up and was dragging both back legs. He did eat& drink
today. I am afraid he is paralized.He is not showing any signs of pain,he just
seems tired. Maybe there is no feeling at all. We live in AZ. & although
vet is a surgon, Vegas is the closest Dr. if surgery is required. I understand
it is expensive and still may not work. Could I be right?



Vet must first examine sensation of the limbs.
Usually with paralysis of limbs (more precise paraplegia) together goes paralysys of the anus and bladder muscle. Make RTG of the lumbosacral region in two projections: Side to sie and stomach to back.
There are few deseases wich can produce paraplegia, but unfortunately most of them are treted surgicaly, but there is no guarantee of 100% effectivness and theese surgeries are expensive. Im writing about affects of the spinal cord which vet must differentiate from any other disease out of the spinal cord.
A liquor from the spine canal should be taken for examination of infectious diseases or other abnormalities.
You must take a risk.

Best wishes




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