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Dog walking helps college students pay for college

Posted Oct 22 2009 10:03pm 1 Comment

dog walkers Not every college student flips burgers to make money to help pay their tuition. Some take on jobs like pet sitting and dog walking.

She wore two black and pumpkin-colored Halloween ribbons in her light grey hair as she strutted out of the house in a tomato-red princess t-shirt and a custard-yellow crown.

Victoria, a 9-year-old Shih Tzu, jumped with excitement at the sight of Vickie Reason, seven-year owner of Happy Tails Pet Services and Victoria’s personal dog walker, as they met for their routine walk.

As the two walked around Fort Lowell Park, Reason smiled at Victoria as if she were her own.

The dog walking business has proven to be a good fit not only for canines, but also for pet-loving students like psychology senior Veronica Hoffman.

“Being a dog-walker is no ordinary college job,” she said.

As a customized service, Happy Tails — which employs some UA students — offers a variety of services, from dog walking to pet therapy and even a bed and breakfast service, where a dog is able to move into Reason’s home or an “animal-loving home” for a minimum of three days. During this time, as many as two dogs will get attention, exercise and a schedule of activities.

Hoffman works for Happy Tails and completed an internship with the company last year.


Seneca Nunn, UA alumnus and owner of Nunn Better, a dog walking and pet care service, started her own company in 2001 after she graduated with a degree in animal studies.

The business has no physical location, but instead relies on private clients who call when they need a service.

“I love being outside,” Nunn said, adding that it is her favorite part of dog walking and helping clients take care of their pets.

Read more about dog walkers from the Arizona Daily Wildcat.

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Great article! Nice to hear about the micro businesses profiled in such a great light. Keep it up.

 Jason "Dog Walker" Mahlin 

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