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Dog skin disease on his chin ? Help please

Posted Dec 31 1969 11:00am


I´ve been looking for a website to post this question for a while now..

So now that i think i´ve found one, I would like to see if there is anybody out there who could help me.

Today I noticed something on my dog´s chin, so I had to take a look.
I´ve never seen anything similar before, so Im kind of freaked out about it.

I took a picture of it hoping i could post it for something visual for you guys out there if my description isn´t enough. (Sadly, i cant post it.. i dont see where i could attatch it)

It looks like swollen red and white dots on my dogs chin, and they are all slimy. I dont know if its my dogs drooll or if its coming out of those little bumps. It obviously has no hair on them.. its just. Ughh

Anyway.. If you could help me out or would like a picture to see what it looks like for you to help me out. Send me a request reminding me about this website and the picture to

Im kind of desperate to find some help before taking my dog to the vet. I kind of dont trust the vets in my city.

Thank you


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