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Dog's paws twitching while awake.

Posted by jk_taylor

My dog (4 year old Shepherd cross) was awake late last night and woke me up because he couldn't seem to get comfortable. When I had a look at him, I noticed that all four of his paws were twitching (kind of jerking) at the same time. He was completely responsive and awake, but the twitching feet seemed uncontrollable. when he stood up and walked around, he was fine, but as soon as he lay back down again, the twitching started back up. I rushed him to the emergency clinic but by the time we got there, there was no evidence of the twitching. I would say it had lasted for about 45 minutes. Vet checked him out and his temp and heart rate were fine. What could have caused this? I've been scouring the internet and have found a few similar cases, but no answers. Thanks for any info you can provide. This has terrified me.
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