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Dog’s Immune System’s Natural Treatments

Posted Jul 08 2009 8:35am

Dog’s immune systems are complex and their major function is to watch for and than defend against any type of foreign invasions that do not belong in their body. There are several natural treatments and supplements that can help your dog with these tasks.

There are a few misconceptions, however, about dogs immune system in that they are not naturally born with it; it must grow and develop as they grow and mature. In fact, several diseases and conditions can and are passed down to puppies as they are left to fend for themselves.

The immune system to be fully operational must recognize any type of foreign substance such as viruses, bacterium, or several types of pollen both natural and manmade. It is divided into two different sections depending on how specific their particular functions might be. These two sections are referred to as the innate and the adaptive immune system.


The first part of a dog’s immune system is the innate system. Any type of an organism has this system and it is a collection of biological processes. In leafs for example, the protective barrier is the waxy cuticles that protect them; in dogs it is their skin. This is the first line of defense for your pet and is considered a non-specific in that it is made to keep everything out of your dogs system.

It is also considered non-adaptive which means that its overall effectiveness is not changed by repeated attacks. Other parts of your dogs innate system includes the mucous in the respiratory system, their stomach acid and special chemicals that are in the saliva. They also have what is referred to phagocytes, which are cells that literally eat foreign substances. In fact, they will eat anything that comes into their territory.

The second part of a dog’s immune system is the adaptive form which defends your pet against specific attacks as they are naturally designed to use different tactics depending on the type of attack. These parts of the immune system communicate with each other and are so powerful that they will develop a memory system that can be used if attacked again. By doing so they are much quicker in responding and fighting back.

These systems work in harmony with each other but the innate system is the first of the defense mechanisms. It usually stops most invasions, but if it doesn’t, the adaptive system automatically goes into action.

In tandem they are usually very effective against any type of threat, but if the system becomes weak or is not fully developed, it can have huge effects on your dog’s health. If severe enough, it could cost them their lives.

The immune system in your dog, much like yours, is an incredible system. It fights bacteria, viruses, toxins and any type of parasite that attacks. However, it can malfunction and actually attack itself, referred to as autoimmunity, over react, which is called hypersensitivity, or just not work properly which is immune deficiency.

Natural Treatments:

There are several forms of natural treatments for your dog’s immune system including vitamins, minerals, as well as herbs.

Vitamin A:

This vitamin is essential for the natural protection of your dog’s skin which is their first line of attack. It plays a critical role in both the repairing and the protection processes of the tissues that surround the mouth, nose, throat, as well as the lungs. It is also essential in fighting eye infections and maintaining eyesight.

Vitamin C:

This vitamin is an antioxidant and helps the immune system naturally in several ways. It helps both protect against both bacterial as well as viral infections. It also helps to heal wounds and scar tissues naturally as it strengthens blood vessels; and in the process also helps your dogs systems protect against hemorrhaging.
However, its primary function is producing collagen.

Collagen is a type of protein that assists in supporting several body tissues. It helps the skin, bones, tendons, and muscles. It also helps to protect internal organs and aids both forms of your pet’s immune systems.

Vitamin E:

This vitamin is also referred to as the miracle vitamin for dogs as it assists vitamin A from breaking down and combining with foreign substances that may cause autoimmunity in your pet. It aids both the innate and the adaptive systems in protecting against attacks on the cardiovascular functions in your dog as well as protecting against aging and cancer.


This trace mineral is present in almost every tissue of your dogs body and is absolutely essential as a natural treatment for dogs immune systems as it builds blood circulation, as well as the brain and nervous system functions. It also helps in the synthesis of both protein and nucleic acid.

Nucleic acid is what makes the memory of the adaptive system work. It allows organisms to transfer genetic information form one generation to the next. Without this natural treatment, your dog’s second line of defense will not function properly.


This mineral is found in every tissue of your dog’s body. Copper is essential for the forming of both hemoglobin and red blood cells, as well as assisting several enzymes that break down as well as build up body tissue in your pet. It also surrounds nerve fibers and works in harmony with Vitamin C to form elastin in your pet’s muscle fibers.

Echinacea extract:

This herb is a natural supplement that helps to purifying your dog’s blood. In doing so, it stimulates the immune system to help fight both viral and bacterial infections. It acts as an interferon which is produced naturally by your dog. Interferon is a group of glycol-proteins manufactured by different cells and react to different attacks. It is an essential herb in building the adaptive immune system.


Your dog is not born into the world with a tough immune system as it must develop as they grow from a puppy. Once developed, it is an amazing set of different functions that can protect your dog against almost any attack.
It will grow faster and stronger if you help your pet with these natural treatments. All systems can break down and weaken, but by naturally assisting them, your dog will live a much healthier and longer life.

I am an avid lover of pets and my wife and I have had several pets throughout our years. We are especially fond of dogs, and we have a 12 year old Dalmatian (our 3rd) and a “mutt” that we rescued when someone threw him away to die in a vacant field.

He found us, nearly starved to death, and weighed about 2 pounds.

After severe bouts of mange and severe dehydration, and over 1,000.00 in veterinarian bills, we saved the little guys life, and he is one of the best, if not the best, dogs we have ever had and today is a muscular, fit, and firm 70 pound best friend.

After finishing my MBA, which at middle age was not easy, I decided to keep the research work ethics that I acquired, and devote about two hours each night in understanding the health benefits of supplementation for both humans and pets and how they might strengthen our, as well as our pets, immune system in a pre-emptive approach to health rather than a reactionary approach.

Both of my daughters are avid cat lovers, and asked me to help them with health concerns and challenges with their cats.

I am not a veterinarian nor claim to be, just a lover of pets that loves to research and pass on some knowledge that might be helpful, or at least stimulating to the thought process.

Several of the articles that I have written can be found on my website;

Liquid Vitamins & Minerals for Humans & Pets

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