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Dog Obedience Training Books: Puppy Barking, Biting, Aggressive Dogs

Posted May 31 2009 8:43am

Free Aggressive Dog Behavior Training Tips

Basic dog obedience training is extremely important because dogs, like people, are not born with good manners. They need to be taught how to act.  Some canines display aggressive dog behavior, while others are constantly barking or whining.   So, don't have an anxiety attack if your dog is misbehaving.  There is help available.  Dog aggression is a typical problem that dog owners are confronted with.   This, as well as other bad dog behaviors, can be put to an end.   If you wish to stop dog behavior problems, however, your first step is to understand what is causing them.
Correcting aggressive dogs calls upon you to discover the root of the aggression.  Is your dog aggressive towards strangers, family members, or both?  The answer to this question determines the necessary treatment.
If your pet only exhibits aggressive dog behavior in the presence of strangers, then you need to: learn how to socialize your dog and understand why socialization is the first, most important step of aggressive dog training.  However, if your dog is acting aggressively towards members of the family, you need to learn how to counteract the effects of resource guarding and dog pack behavior.  If a dog is not handled or treated properly, he may also become aggressive towards family members.  So, it is critical for each member of the family to know what type of handling can invoke aggression in a dog.Aggressive dog training is not easy without some kind of guidance. Books on dog behavior will teach you dog obedience training and how to stop dog behavior problems, like that of dog aggression.  If your dog is disobedient, you'd prefer to train him in your home, and you want to save money, then a very smart investment would be a book about dog behavior.
Here are 5 Tips that you can use to begin correcting aggressive dogs today!
Bring your puppy to meet a bunch of different people and expose him to new surroundings.
Touch your puppy on a frequent basis in a way that  doesn't threaten him, this will allow him to get accustomed to being handled.
Make it clear to your dog that You are the one in control.
Keep obedience training lessons brief, consistent, and frequent (Two 15 minute sessions a day).
Reward your dog with treats or attention when he obeys you, and seclude him when he fails to.

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