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Dog i saw has dark brown mucus out of a warm, dry nose.. is coughing and moving slow.. also has formed some more 'white' appeari

Posted by timioskate

Ran into my ex, made me look at his dog.. doesn't believe me.. refuses to take him in..

 any ideas before i call into a vet and make him pay for it? then i look smarter too!

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I agree with Myrna M, because it surely could be a or respiratory infection. Such kind of infection are not good at all and might kill your pet dog. I suggest a quick visit to your local vet before it's too late to save him.

Your complete post didn’t come through for some reason, but dark brown mucous coming out of a warm dry nose does not sound good. That color could come from a combination of blood and infection, which is not a good combination. I’d recommend your ex have the dog examined to determine both the exact nature of the discharge as well as its source. It might be something like a foreign body the dog has inhaled that's causing the problem or a sinus or respiratory infection.

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