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Dog Histiocytoma?

Posted by Sadie123

My labrador (she will be 1 yr this Sunday) has this large, "brain" looking mass on the inside of her ear.  The vet said it was a cutaneous papilloma; but it does not look like any of the papillomas I've seen on the web: it seems as they are more common in the mouth/feet area; and usually come in multitudes.  This is just a single growth-it does not appear to bother her at all; but it is rapidly growing: it has more than doubled in size over the past 10 days.  It looks rather like a histiocytoma; although from what I've read the treatment is the same and they both appear to resolve on their own.  The vet did NOT do a biopsy.  Do you think that I need to take her back to the vet to get one? My neighbor also reccomended putting a rubber band around it to cut off the blood supply to speed up the progression.  Any suggestions/comments would be very appreciated!!! " mce_src=" PhotobucketPhotobucket" alt="ear" border="" hspace="" vspace="" width="" height="" align="middle" />
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We just had our lab diagnosed with this. We had it surgically removed. My vet sent it away and they said that it was benign but if left can cause deformities and amputation. I would get a second opinion!!!
It was diagnosed as benign fibrous histiocytoma. Hope your pup gets better soon:)


Those are good pictures to illustrate your question!  I agree with your veterinarian that this is most likely a papilloma, with histiocytoma being the second possibility.  The young age of your Labrador, the location of the growth, and your photos all make those pretty good candidates for the diagnosis.  Papillomas don't have to appear in multiples...they can certainly show up as an individual growth, especially on the ear flap.

Since both of these possibilities can spontaneously go away, waiting and observing for a few months will not be a bad idea at all.  The main exception to that advice would be if your dog starts to bother at the growth.  If that happens, then surgery should be considered.  From the pictures you sent, there shouldn't be much of a chance of a deformity if surgery becomes necessary.

As for your neighbor's recommendation about using a rubber band, that advice went out the window with the advent of modern medicine.  That's an example of "barbaric" therapy and could only lead to more trouble.

Helpful Buckeye

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