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Dog has red & white lesions in her month

Posted by helen l.

My 2 yr old cocker/dachshund mix has red & white lesions on her right inner cheek, and some on the left side as well.  They looks like sores/burns, etc.  It was been there for a few days and I think it bleeds a bit as well, because her breath has a foul smell.  We have already made an appt w/ her Vet, but they dont have anything avaliable till couple of days.  I have no idea how this happened, what do you think this is?  Is there anything we can do for her before she sees the Vet?


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You didn't mention how you came to find these spots.  Was your dog pawing at her mouth, drooling a lot, or acting like she was chewing at the insides of her cheeks?  Since she's only 2 years old, the consideration of extreme tartar on her teeth that might irritate her cheeks is not very likely.  She may have taken something into her mouth that was caustic that has irritated her cheeks, such as cleaning chemicals, etc.  She's probably pretty uncomfortable and maybe even reluctant to eat.  If so, you might have to prepare her food as a gruel so that she can swallow it easier.  You need to keep your appointment!

Helpful Buckeye

thanks Helpful BUckeye, we were able to take her to her Vet today. 

We 1st noticed is when she woke up in the morning and there is a stain on the sheets, then a bloody stain a few days later.  We use alcohol wipes to wipe her feet everytime she comes in the house after playing outside.  Not sure if that would be one of the factors...  HOpefully her Vet will figure it out.

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