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Dog had seizure/paralysis after napping.

Posted by cfudge4

My dog woke up after having a nap on the floor and was out of sorts. He was hunched at the back (like a cat) and his back legs were not properly supporting him. He was kind of shaking, and wobbly but walked across the room to where I was sitting. I picked him up, lay him on the couch and then he was fine. He was running around, jumping, eating, etc. This was two hours ago, but I called the vet right away. She said not to worry as he was now acting normal and he showed no other signs of it being anything serious, but to monitor him over the next day or so. Could it have been a seizure, muscle spasm, or could his lower body just been asleep?

 He is a four year old golden retriever, healthy, and very active. I was home with him all day, so I know he never ingested anything harmful, nor did he fall or hurt himself. Perfectly normal day other the the brief episode after his nap which was perhaps two minutes, maybe less.

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I agree with your veterinarian that this was most likely an isolated incident.  As long as you aren't seeing anything more than what you described, this probably won't ever be an issue to deal with.

Helpful Buckeye

We experienced the same type of episode with our 4.5 year old Golden/Lab mix. A couple months ago, he woke up from a nap/resting - unable to move his back legs,  with his back hunched like a cat. He never lost conciousness, and could move the rest of his body. The 2 times (i was home) it happened, i just got him to lay down and kept him calm and w/in a few minutes, he had full use of his legs back, and that same day, was running, swimming, eating, etc... like normal. We did a full blood panel and it came back clean - so the dr. has him on valium for the time being - and a neuro consult reccomended. They are loosely diagnosing it as a "peripheral seizure".
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